Stranded deep how to build a raft

Stranded deep is a rogue like survival game. It is a permanent death game where you are forced to build your own raft in order to find out what happened at the strange station you woke up in. As well as defending yourself from alien creatures and trying to find more survivors.

A raft is a flat platform mainly used for people to sit on while accessibility to a shore and not drown in the water. It can also be used for transporting goods such as food supplies, clothes, and other things from one place to another. A raft is also known as float and was designed for both stability and to provide protection from water and wind.

Stranded deep how to build a raft

Stranded deep how to build a raft

Stranded Deep is a survival game developed by Beam Team Games for PC, Mac, and Linux. The game is set on a deserted island, where the player must survive using their wits and whatever supplies they can scavenge from the island.

Stranded Deep has two modes: freeplay and story. In freeplay mode, the player can explore the island without any restrictions or missions. In story mode, the player must complete various objectives in order to progress through the storyline.

The player starts with nothing but their clothes on their back and a few basic tools like a knife, hatchet and lamp. To survive in Stranded Deep you will need to craft items like fishing poles and nets so that you can catch food from the ocean as well as make things like tents so that you can stay dry at night when it rains heavily on the island which happens quite often during storms which last for several days at a time making it very difficult to survive especially if all your gear gets wet because then everything will get ruined including your health which then becomes even more difficult to manage because of all the diseases that are present on this particular island which makes it even more challenging for players.

Stranded Deep: How to Build a Raft | Stranded Deep

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A raft is an essential survival tool for the Stranded Deep player. It allows you to travel long distances and explore underwater locations that are inaccessible when swimming. You can even use your raft to store loot, making it easier to store your hard-earned items.

The best way to build a raft is by using the correct materials and tools. Here’s how:

Step 1: Using Metal Scrap

You can craft metal scrap into metal sheets at any workbench. To do this, select scrap from your inventory and click on the workbench icon on the right side of your screen. Then choose “Make Metal Sheet” from the menu that appears in front of you.

Step 2: Building Your Raft Frame

Now that you have some metal sheets, let’s start building our raft frame! First, place down two metal sheets next to each other so that they form a square shape (like a door). Then build a diagonal support structure out of more metal sheets (2x3x3). This will be used as support for your main body panels later on.

How to build a raft in Stranded Deep

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Stranded Deep is a survival game that takes place in a vast and open world. You are stranded on an island. Your goal is to survive as long as possible.

Stranded Deep features a crafting system that allows you to create anything from weapons and tools to boats and rafts. Crafting is also used to create new items from the resources that you can find in the world.

There are many ways of building a raft, but most players recommend using planks and logs because they are easy to find in the environment. Other materials like metal rods or vines can be used but are harder to find.

Here is how you can build a raft using planks:

First, find some planks in the environment by exploring or destroying buildings and trees. Once you have found some planks, put them down on land next to each other so they form one big plank. Now take your knife and cut off any excess parts of the plank so it’s just one long piece of wood with no gaps between it and other planks nearby.

How to Build A Raft in Stranded Deep | by Ellen Cooper | Medium

how to build a big raft in stranded deep

Stranded Deep is a survival game where you must survive on a deserted island. You start with nothing but your wits, and your only hope of getting off the island is to build yourself a raft. Unfortunately, building a raft isn’t as easy as it sounds and it takes a lot of hard work to get one built.
In order to build your raft, you will need several things (all of which are pictured above).
For starters, you will need wood planks. These planks can be found in most of the trees on the island – just walk up to them and select “Use” from the menu when prompted. You can also find them in some of the larger rocks scattered around the island and in shipwrecked boats (which occasionally wash ashore).
Once you have collected enough planks, head over to any beach that has a rock or piece of driftwood nearby (shown below) and select “Use” when prompted again. This will cause your character to start hammering away at one of these objects until it breaks apart into smaller pieces that can be used for crafting purposes instead.

There are three methods to build a raft in stranded deep. You can build a small raft, a medium raft, or a large raft.

The small raft is the best way to start the game, it will allow you to carry up to 4 people and it is relatively easy to build. The medium and large rafts are useful later in the game when you have more resources available.

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