Planter bench indoor

If you have no idea about a suitable and affordable planter bench indoor for your place, then this article is recommended to read. In this article, you will get to know all the information you need to choose an ideal planter that is suitable for your house. Planter bench indoor will add beauty to your home so you can make the most of it.

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Planter bench indoor

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Planter bench indoor plans free.

Free woodworking plans to build a planter bench for your yard or patio. This attractive planter bench is made from cedar wood, and it’s perfect for adding extra seating and storage space to your outdoor living area. The planter can also be used as a garden bed with the addition of soil and plants.Buy Mkono Wood Plant Stand 3 Tier Plant Shelf Indoor Outdoor Flower Pot  Display Shelf Rack Garden Potting Bench Multiple Ladder Stand Planter  Holder for Home Patio Lawn Living Room Corner Balcony

The dimensions given below will help you build the planter bench shown above:

The dimensions given below will help you build the planter bench shown above:

Overall size – 28 inches wide by 24 inches deep by 32 inches high

Seating area – 22 inches wide by 15 inches deep (optional)

Storage shelf – 16 inches wide by 11 1/2 inches deep

If you don’t have space for a full-fledged garden, you can still have fresh herbs and flowers on hand with an indoor planter. Whether it’s a small patio or an apartment balcony, a planter bench will help you grow beautiful plants and flowers indoors.

Planter benches are also called potting benches or garden benches. They are versatile and can be used in many ways. You can use them to store your gardening tools, sit on while working in the garden or place pots of plants on top.

Choosing the right bench will depend on how you want to use it and where you want to place it in your home or garden. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a planter bench:

Size – If you want your bench to be portable, choose one that is lightweight yet sturdy enough so that it doesn’t tip over easily when you move it around. Also consider how much space you have available for storage when choosing which size bench would work best for your needs.

Color – Most people choose white or black as their go-to colors for outdoor furniture because they tend to blend in better with their surroundings than other colors do. However, there are plenty of options out there for those who don’tPlanter Benches – The Duo That Brings Freshness Into Your Home

Planter Bench – 7 Free Plans

A planter bench is a great way to add a little greenery to your yard or garden area. You can use it to create an outdoor breakfast nook or evening seating space. You can also plant flowers in the pots and use the bench as a place to sit and admire them. To build your own, follow these steps:

Step 1 – Cut the 2x4s

Measure and mark 2-1/2″ on 3 of the 4 sides of each 2×4. Then, cut off these pieces using a circular saw with a blade that is 1/8″ thick. This will leave you with 4 legs that are each 30″ long.

Step 2 – Attach the Legs

Place one of your legs on its side and attach two of your 3/4″ x 3/4″ x 12″ boards across each end using 2-1/2″ deck screws driven through pilot holes drilled in from underneath; be sure to keep all four legs oriented so that their notches align properly when assembled into bench frame (photo 1). After attaching first cross member, flip over leg assembly and attach second cross member in same manner (photo 2).

Planter Bench Plans


This is a simple planter bench that can be built with a minimum of tools and materials. The design is versatile and can be used for indoor or outdoor use. It is also easy to build, so it makes a great project for anyone looking to get started with woodworking.

Planter Bench Materials List:

1x4s or 1x6s (5) – 2′ long each (for the back legs)

1x4s or 1x6s (2) – 2′ long each (for the armrest)

3/4″ plywood – 3/4″ thick x 4′ x 8′ each (for the seat slats)

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