How to build a smelter in minecraft

How to Make a 3000 Degree Furnace in Minecraft . By . Michael Delaney . Updated . 3/15/16 . Now you can make a super smelter. This next tutorial picture is kind of hard to explain but it is easy to do. Now here is another tip for working with furnaces.

If you want to know how to make a 3000 degree furnace in Minecraft, this guide will help you accomplish that goal. There is no advanced knowledge needed to create the furnace and it works rather quickly. It uses lava, coal, iron and sand.How to build a smelter in minecraft

How to build a smelter in minecraft

To build a 3000 degree furnace in minecraft, you need to maintain a temperature of at least 3000 degrees Celsius. The smelter will be able to handle all types of ore, including diamonds and gold. It will also be able to produce iron bars and ingots at a rate that is significantly faster than other furnaces.

In order to build a 3000 degree furnace in minecraft, you will need:

A stack of cobblestone blocks (16 blocks)

A stack of iron blocks (16 blocks)

One diamond block

In this tutorial, I will show you how to make a 3000 degree furnace in Minecraft. This is a very useful tool for smelting ores quickly and efficiently.

This furnace is very easy to make, but it is also very powerful. The 3000 degree furnace can smelt ores in just over one minute!

The video below will show you how to build the 3000 degree furnace:

A 3000 degree furnace is a very useful tool for any minecraft player. It allows you to smelt ores into bars, and turn those bars into tools, armor, or weapons. For example, if you have iron ore in your inventory, all you need to do is put it in the furnace and wait a few seconds – it will then turn into an iron bar.Minecraft: Brewing Hut Tutorial (How To Build) - YouTube

To build a 3000 degree furnace, first you need to find stone bricks. Then dig out a small room with one block of air above it (so that when your furnace goes off, it won’t catch on fire). Next up, place four stone bricks on each corner of the room and then fill in the rest with dirt blocks. Now break the blocks around the sides of the room so that there are no walls left except for where you’re going to put in your furnace (see image below).

Next up is getting some lava flowing through this grate system. To do this dig out two holes (as seen above) on either side of your room at least three blocks deep, then fill them up with water or lava depending on how hot you want your furnace to be! Finally put down any type of furnace (Iron/Gold) on top of these holes

Super Smelter

A super smelter is a furnace that can smelt items at an accelerated rate. It uses coal as fuel, and can be made in any size. The larger the size of the furnace, the more items it can smelt at once.

The Super Smelter is one of the most efficient ways to smelt ores into ingots because you can use a large amount of coal at once

1. Place down your furnace and put some coal in it (if you are using a regular furnace).

2. Right click on your furnace with a bucket filled with lava (or water if you need more time) and then put it inside one of the spaces next to your furnace (where there is no fuel).

In this tutorial I will show you how to build a 3000 degree furnace in minecraft. This furnace can smelt iron and gold ore into iron bars and gold nuggets, respectively.

The first thing that we need to do is make an obsidian generator. As you can see from the pictures below, all we need to do is dig out a hole on the ground then fill it up with lava. Then we just wait for the lava to cool down and turn into obsidian.

Next, we need to make a lava flow that extends from the bottom of our obsidian generator towards our furnace. The lava should be about 3 blocks wide so that it ends up forming a “V” shape when it reaches our furnace (see picture).

Now that we have our obsidian generator and our lava flow ready, we can start building our super smelter! We’re going to put 4 furnaces around the outside of our lava flow, each one 2 blocks away from another furnace (see picture). On top of each furnace we’ll place a hopper pointing towards the middle of our lava flow so that any items dropped into them will fall straight through onto the next layer of hoppers beneath them (see picture). Now

In this article, I will show you how to build a 3000 degree furnace in Minecraft.

Step 1: Materials Needed

The first thing that you need is bricks and redstone torches. You will also need a pickaxe, shovel and a sword so that you can mine all the blocks that are needed for this project.

Step 2: Build the Furnace Base

The next step is to build the base of your furnace. You will want to make sure that it is at least six blocks wide and two blocks high. Make sure that you have enough space on all sides of the base so that it doesn’t intersect with any other part of your construction later on.

Step 3: Place Redstone Torches around the Base

Now place redstone torches around the base of your furnace. You should have at least 32 torches in total (16 on each side). You should also make sure that there is one torch on each corner as well as one torch in the middle of each side of your furnace base.

How To Build A Super Smelter In Minecraft

Minecraft is a game that allows you to build things, explore and fight. But the most important thing about it is the ability to create things. This can be done by using redstone circuits or just simple crafting tables. Today we will show you how you can build a super smelter in Minecraft.

A super smelter is made out of iron bars, stone bricks and redstone torches. It’s used for smelting ore into ingots which are then used to make tools and other useful items throughout your journey as a miner in Minecraft.

The first thing that you need to do is place down two stone bricks on top of each other in order to create the walls of your furnace. Then place two more on top of those two so that you have four blocks high with no gaps between them at all! Now place down eight more stone bricks around this structure so that they form a box around it completely leaving no gaps between any sides!

Super Smelter Recipe:


8 Diamonds

1 Diamond Pickaxe

1 Diamond Axe

1 Diamond Shovel

1 Iron Sword (optional)


3 Iron Ingots (6 Coal, 3 Stone, 2 Copper Ingots)

1 Redstone Dust (2 Coal Coals)

3 Redstone Blocks (3 Redstone Dust + 1 Stone)

Recipe:How to create an automatic smelter in Minecraft

The Super Smelter is a furnace that can smelt items at 3x the speed of a regular furnace. It also uses 4x less fuel than a regular furnace.

The Super Smelter can be made by placing two iron blocks on top of two stone slabs, then placing redstone dust on top and activating it with flint and steel or redstone.

There are many other ways to make this furnace, but this is the easiest way.

You can only put fuel into the top of this furnace, so you need to make sure that you have enough room above your chest when you use it (it will not fit in an enchantment table!).

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