Sky Blue Banarasi Dupatta

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The scarf became popular in the South Asian market and became synonymous with Indian culture. The popularity of this unique design has spread to many other countries around the world. From Paris to New York and across Asia, dupattas are now being worn everywhere to add that extra pop of color to any chaniya choli or salwar kameez.

Banarasi is a majestic fabric that has been the traditional choice for royal families in India for many years. The finest Banarasi fabrics are made from pure hand spun and hand woven Banarasi silk. This beautiful silk fabric is characterized by its exceptional drape and fluidity, which allows the fabric to flow beautifully when draped on the body. We have such a range of indian designer sarees at Faraashaconcepts that no matter what your age, shape or size, you will find something special to add glamour to your wardrobe that only a good Banarasi Silk Saree can offer. Our collection contains traditional Banarasi Sarees as well as contemporary and funky designs. There is something here that will suit all tastes.

Sky Blue Banarasi Dupatta

Sky Blue Banarasi Dupatta

The Sky Blue Banarasi Dupatta is a beautiful piece of Banarasi Art. This dupatta is made using the traditional Banarasi weaving technique. The dupatta is made up of pure silk and it has a border in ivory, green and blue colors. The dupattas are hand woven by skilled artisans in Varanasi, India.

The Sky Blue Banarasi Dupatta is perfect for your casual wear, party wear or even wedding wear. It will make you look stunning and elegant. You can pair this dupatta with any color dress and you will definitely get noticed by everyone around you.

This beautiful piece of art from our collection of Banarasi Duppattas is available at our online store at an affordable price.”

White is a color that can never go out of fashion. It is the shade that makes you look elegant and stylish. White suits are perfect for summer season and it can be worn on both formal and informal occasions. This white suit is made from pure material and the dupatta has been designed with Banarasi work which gives it an ethnic touch.

The outfit consists of a jacket and a dupatta with a contrast border which looks quite stylish when paired with white color. The jacket has a back slit which gives it a very elegant look. The dupatta has been designed with floral motifs which are beautifully embroidered on its borders. The outfit also comes in different sizes so you can find the one that fits you perfectly.

The outfit is available at our online store which makes it easy for customers to buy it without any hassle. It is made from pure material so you don’t have to worry about its quality because it will last for many years without getting damaged or fading away easily like other clothes made from synthetic fabric do after some time due to frequent washing or exposure to sun light etc

Bandhej Banarasi saree is a traditional Banarasi saree that is made by the weavers of Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. The Bandhej Banarasi sarees are made from pure silk and cotton fabrics. They are available in different colors such as red, green, blue, yellow etc. The Bandhej Banarasi sarees have got wide borders and they are worn mainly by brides on their wedding day.

Bandhej Banarasi Saree is a traditional saree that has been manufactured for generations. The Bandhej Banarasi Saree is known for its intricate hand embroidery and detailed patterns. Bandhej Banarasi Sarees are made from pure cotton and silk fabrics.

The Bandhej Banarasi Saree is available in various designs and patterns such as embroidered zari work, mirror work, resham work, stone work and many more. The Bandhej Banarasi Saree also comes in different colours such as yellow, orange, red, green, brown and multi-coloured designs. The Bandhej Banarasi Saree has been designed keeping in mind the needs of modern women while retaining the originality of ancient Indian tradition.

Bandhej Banarasi Saree is a special collection of sarees in India. Bandhej Banarasi sarees are one of the oldest sarees in India and have been made by hand for centuries. The Bandhej Banarasi sarees are known for their intricate embroidery work on them, which makes them a popular choice amongst many women.

The traditional Bandhej Banarasi sarees are made from Pure Dhak Silk or sometimes from Pure Georgette Silk or Pure Dupion Silk, depending on the design and style of the saree. The Bandhej Banarasi Saree has an exclusive embroidery work done on them, which makes these sarees very popular among women.

The Bandhej Banarasi Saree comes in various designs and styles like Plain Bandhej Banarasi Sarees, Embroidered Bandhej Banarasi Sarees etc., which make it easier for you to choose the perfect one from our collection..

Bandhej Banarasi Saree is a beautiful, colorful and a one of its kind saree. This saree is made up of cotton fabric, which makes it comfortable to wear.

The Bandhej Banarasi Saree is made up of pure cotton fabric and comes in different colors. This saree is suitable for both casual and formal occasions. You can wear this saree with matching jewelry and accessories to make yourself look beautiful.

The Bandhej Banarasi Saree comes in many different colors like red, blue, green, yellow, orange etc. This saree can be worn by all age groups who want to look stylish.

The Bandhej Banarasi Saree is an ideal pick for all women who want to look elegant without spending too much money on expensive clothes items. The price of this saree ranges from Rs. 350 to Rs. 2000 depending on the design and style you choose for yourself..

Bandhej Banarasi Saree is a beautiful saree in pink color. The design of the saree is printed with different colored flowers and leaves. The neckline of this saree is plain whereas there are three borders on the edge of pallav. This Bandhej Banarasi Saree is made of art silk fabric which makes it comfortable to wear.

Bandhej Banarasi Saree comes with unstitched blouse piece which can be custom tailored upto bust size 42 inches and length 44 inches. The Blouse piece will be provided unstitched and will be available for stitching at your doorstep upon request.

Bandhani Saree With Banarasi Border

Bandhani saree with banarasi border is a beautiful saree in pink colour. The cotton fabric is woven with bandhani pattern which is famous for its unique design and style. This designer saree comes with a border of banarasi work. The border is embellished with zari, stone and sequins work which makes it look more attractive. The blouse piece of this designer bandhani saree is also in pink colour with some embroidery done on it. The fabric used for making this designer bandhani saree is georgette which gives it a soft touch and comfortable feel to the wearer.

Bandhani sarees are quite popular in the North Indian states of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and some parts of Bengal. Bandhani is a traditional art practiced by the women folk of these regions. The women tie different types of knots on their sarees with threads made of cotton and silk.

The Bandhani saree is usually a plain white or beige colored saree which has been hand woven or printed with beautiful designs made from natural dyes. The design could be flowers, leaves or birds etc. The designs are created using natural dyes like madder root, indigo, turmeric etc., which give them their unique look and feel.

The bandhani saree with banarasi border is one such type of bandhani saree which has been embellished with a Banarasi border design at the bottom end of the saree along its length.

Bandhani sarees are made of 100% cotton and are hand block printed with natural dyes. The sarees are made by high skilled artisans from India. These sarees are perfect for day-to-day wear and also ideal for special occasions.

The Bandhani sarees are available in an array of colors and sizes to suit your needs and preferences. You can also get them custom made according to your size.

Bandhani Saree with Banarasi Border

The Bandhani Saree with Banarasi Border is one of the most popular designs that we offer at our store. It features a beautiful design on the border which makes it a must have piece in your wardrobe. These sarees come in different colors, so you can choose one that suits your style.

We are offering our clients with a wide range of bandhani sarees. These sarees are designed by our skilled professionals using supreme quality fabric and advanced machines. We provide these bandhani sarees in different colors, patterns and sizes. Our offered bandhani sarees are widely demanded among women due to their skin friendly nature and elegant look. These sarees can be customized as per the requirements of customers. The offered bandhani sarees can be availed from us at most affordable prices within the committed time frame.

The Bandhani Saree is a traditional Indian outfit that is made from cotton or silk. It has been worn in India since ancient times and has become popular worldwide for its unique design and pattern making. Bandhani Sarees have colorful designs on them which are created using wax or dye on the fabric before sewing it into a complete garment or piece of clothing

Bandhani sarees are the most common and popular sarees in India. They are made of cotton fabric with a unique style of tie-dyeing called bandhani. Bandhani is a method of tie dyeing that produces a beautiful effect on fabric.

The first step in bandhani is to create patterns on the fabric using stencils. The stencils can be created using different techniques like applique, screen printing or hand painting. Next, the dyed cloth is tied over the stencils at various places and then dipped in dye solution. After this process is repeated several times, the result is stunning patterns on the fabric which looks similar to tie dye but not exactly like it because unlike tie-dyeing where each color runs into another color, bandhni uses only one color per design which gives it an elegant look of its own.

Handloom Maroon Gajji Silk Banarasi Bandhani Saree with Zari Paisley B - WeaverStory

What Is Special About Banarasi Saree

Banarasi sarees are woven with the finest silk and are known for their bright colors, intricate patterns, and unique designs. The silk yarn used for weaving of the Banarasi saree is obtained from a particular species of silkworm called Bombyx Mori. The Banarasi saree is woven on handlooms which gives them a certain charm and finesse.

As per tradition, the Banarasi sarees are made in a variety of colors and different styles like Bandhej, Chikan and Jamdani. The Banarasi saree is also known by various names like Benarasi Saree or Banaresi Saree or Benares Silk Saree etc.

Banarasi sarees are known for their elaborate craftsmanship and intricate detailing. The handwoven silk sarees from Varanasi are known for their vibrant colors and unique designs. The city is also known as the cultural capital of India, as it is home to some of the most renowned artists in India who have helped shape the identity of Banarasi sarees over the years.

The Banarasi sari has a long history, dating back more than 100 years when it was first introduced by traders who came from Benares to Calcutta (now Kolkata). This saree is popularly known as “Benarasi Saree” or “Banarasi Saree” due to its origin from this city. It consists of a pallu which can be plain or embroidered with motifs like paisleys and flowers, while the body has borders which are usually gold-embroidered along with small mirrors attached on them. These borders run along both sides of the body till the end of pallu.

Banarasi sarees are associated with a lot of traditions, myths and stories. The Banarasi saree is not just a piece of cloth but a symbol of pride for the women who wear it. The Banarasi saree carries a lot of significance in Indian culture because it embodies the essence of an Indian woman’s life.

Banarasi sarees are made with pure silk and are hand woven to perfection using traditional techniques. They are popularly known as ‘the queen of fabrics’ because they have been worn by royal families and their weavers have been awarded royal honors for their outstanding workmanship.

The Banarasi sarees are available in various styles such as Bandhej, Chikankari, Mughalai and Jaipuri styles. These styles represent different periods in Indian history when different rulers were ruling over different parts of India.

Banarasi sarees are woven out of pure silk and are known for their unmatched quality and elegance. The Banarasi sarees have been always admired by women across the world because of their design, color combination, pattern and texture. The Banarasi silk is known for its fine weaving and softness which makes it a perfect choice for saree fabrics.

Banarasi Sarees:

The Banarasi sarees are categorized as “Kanchipuram”, “Bhagalpur” and “Assam” which gives them their unique identity. The Banarasi saree has a history of around 5000 years with many changes in its design, pattern and color combinations over the centuries.

Kanchipuram Saree:

The Kanchipuram sarees were originally made from purest silk imported from China but now they are manufactured from synthetic fibers like nylon, polyester etc., The Kanchipuram sarees were initially used by kings and queens but now they are worn by all social classes throughout India.

Bhagalpur Saree:

The Bhagalpur sarees were initially made from purest silk imported from China but now

Banarasi sarees are the most popular and famous sarees in India. They are handwoven and have a very rich history of over five hundred years.

The art of weaving Banarasi sarees is called as “Bandhini”. It was invented by Queen Ahalya Devi of Kashi (Varanasi) during the 16th century. The Banarasi saree is also known as Benares sari, Chandrakala sari, silk saris and Kantha embroidered saris.

Banarasi saris are woven in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat in India. The weavers use pure mulberry silk to make these gorgeous saris which are available in different colour combinations such as Yellow, Orange, Red and Green along with other colours like Pink, Blue etc…

These saris are expensive because of their intricate design work done on them through kantha stitching which involves embroidery on the fabric with coloured threads by hand using a needle.


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