Science Database For Kids

The Science Database For Kids is a one-stop shop for kids who want to learn more about science. We have hundreds of free science experiments and activities that your kids will love!

We know that learning can be fun when you get the right tools. That’s why we have created this science database just for kids. We have hundreds of free science experiments and activities that your kids will love!

We have even included videos, printable worksheets and other resources to help make your child’s learning experience easier and more enjoyable.

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Science Database For Kids

Gale Research is a leading provider of online content for libraries, schools and the research community. Its database of full-text titles in many subject areas includes more than 5 million articles from more than 4,000 journals, magazines and other sources. Gale also provides thousands of images from its extensive collection of art reproductions.

Gale Elementary School is a private school that offers a college preparatory curriculum for students in grades PK-8th grade. Its mission is to provide an excellent education in a Christian environment that inspires each student to do his or her best academically, socially and spiritually.

The Gale Elementary Database is a comprehensive collection of educational materials for students in kindergarten through fifth grade. It includes information on animals, plants and habitats; weather, climate and geology; physical science; chemistry; biology; earth science; astronomy; history and culture; the arts; and more.

The Gale Elementary Database is available at the following schools:

Gale Elementary School Library – Science Nook

Elibrary Elementary Library – Science Nook

Gale Elementary School is a public school that was founded in 1875. It has a current enrollment of over 600 students and employs more than 70 teachers and staff members. The school has been recognized as an Exemplary Title I School by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) since 2005, and the campus has received an “Exemplary” designation by the TEA every year since 2011. Gale Elementary is also part of the highly successful Garland Independent School District (GISD).

The mission of Gale Elementary School is to provide an excellent education for all students in order that they may become productive citizens of our global society.

Gale Elementary School is a public elementary school located in the city of Detroit, Michigan. It is part of the Detroit Public Schools system. The school was founded in 1942 and has an enrollment of 662 students as of May 2013.

The school’s address is 2750 Lakewood Street. The principal is Mrs. Jacqueline Harris.

Gale Elementary School is an elementary school in Northern Virginia. It is located at 4600 N. Pershing Dr., Alexandria, VA 22304. The school is part of the Fairfax County Public Schools district and has been in operation since 1956.

Gale in Context Elementary

Gale in Context Elementary is a subscription service designed specifically for students in grades K-5. The database provides reliable content that supports classroom learning. Students can search for information on specific topics, learn about different cultures around the world, read biographies of famous people, learn about different countries and much more!

Elibrary Elementary

The Gale Elementary School Library resource helps teachers create lesson plans that incorporate literacy skills with information literacy skills. Teachers can also use this resource to find resources for their classroom libraries or homework assignments!

Gale in Context Elementary is an online resource available to elementary school students, teachers and parents. It is a free resource for schools that are part of the Gale program.

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The main goal of this resource is to provide students with access to a wide range of information sources in order to answer questions, conduct research or gather information. This can be done through the use of books, magazines and articles from around the world.

The database has three main sections: Reading, Viewing and Writing. Each section contains thousands of resources that cover all subject areas. These include books, magazines and journals as well as videos and audio recordings.

The Reading section includes books on various topics such as science fiction, history, biographies and more. Students can search by title or author name if they want to find a specific book title they would like to read. They may also search by subject area if they are interested in finding a particular topic that interests them such as sports or animals. The Viewing section includes videos that show how certain things work such as how airplanes fly or how water moves through pipes underground when we turn on our faucets at home each day at our sinks. The Writing section includes worksheets for students who need help with writing assignments because

Gale In Context Elementary is a database that contains articles, videos and other multimedia resources. It’s organized by subject and grade level and includes more than 70 different subjects.

Gale in Context Elementary includes the following:

Articles from the Gale Encyclopedia of Science (grades 1-6), the World Book Encyclopedia, and many more.

Videos from The Great Courses, PBS Kids and other sources.

Audio files such as lectures, music and interviews with famous people.

Interactive activities that allow students to use their critical thinking skills to solve problems or answer questions about what they’ve read or heard in the audio files or videos.

The database can be accessed from school computers or from home with a login code provided by your school district.

Gale Elementary School is a public elementary school in Fenton, Michigan. The school’s mascot is the Golden Eagle, and its colors are blue and gold.

Gale Elementary School is named after Dr. George Gale, who was born in England and moved to Michigan in 1832. He opened a drug store in Flint where he also served as postmaster for many years. Dr. Gale was interested in education, and he helped establish the first library in Flint. He also founded the first public school library system in Michigan at his drugstore.[1]

The school was built in 1915 on 50th Street between Corunna Avenue and East Main Street (now Corunna Road) to replace two small schools located there: Hammond School (named after John Hammond) and Washington School (named after George Washington). The original building had six classrooms, two cloakrooms, one auditorium/gymnasium, and two basements.[2] Two additions were built over time: one between 1924-1925 and another between 1958-1959.[3]

The school closed when it merged into Durant High School during the 1970s.[4] After sitting vacant for more than a decade.

Access to Gale Library and Information Sources

Gale Database, the most comprehensive and authoritative resource for education research.

Gale In Context Elementary, a full-text database with more than 1,300 titles on social studies, science, language arts, mathematics and health.

Elibrary Elementary, the online resource for teachers and students in grades 3-5 with over 200 leveled books in English and Spanish.

Gale Elementary School – access to tools such as eBooks and digital magazines; one search box for all print/digital products; integrated library management functionality; feedback forms; RSS feeds; mobile apps for handheld devices; parent resources including homework help centers

Gale is a database provider and one of the world’s leading research companies. It offers access to a wide range of databases that include millions of full-text articles, images and videos. The database is available on the web or through mobile apps for iPhone and Android devices.

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