Pallet planter box for sale

Building a pallet planter box does not require any special skill or crazy carpentry talent. A basic understanding of construction, nails and wood helps make the process much easier. Anybody can build a pallet planter box in one day and enjoy it for many years afterward.

On a beautiful mid-summer day, I was enjoying some breakfast in my backyard when I looked up and saw this little chestnut tree in my front yard. The leaves hadn’t fully matured yet, but its trunk had grown a bit of a curve to it. It was such an enchanting tree that I just had to know more about it. After some quick research as to what kind of tree I had discovered, we decided to make a simple DIY chestnut planter box from the discarded wood that we had salvaged from previous projects.Pallet planter box for sale

Pallet planter box for sale

This is a very easy to make and inexpensive planter box. It’s made from a small size pallet, which is a great way to upcycle. The pallet planter box can be used anywhere you want to add some green to your yard or garden.

The planter box will be perfect for growing herbs, flowers, vegetables or whatever else you would like to grow. This project can be done with just one person but it does require some time and effort on your part.

In this tutorial I will show you how to make this raised pallet planter box using only materials that you can find around the house and from local lumber yards or hardware stores. The cost will be very low if you already have some tools in your garage like saws, drills etc…

The instructions are easy to follow so anyone can build this project easily at home without any experience required at all!

A pallet planter box is a great way to add some greenery to your home. Whether it’s in your yard or on your patio, these boxes are a great addition to any space.


They’re also fairly simple to make, and it’s not hard to find free pallets if you don’t have any lying around your workspace.

DIY Pallet Planter box – Easy to build & Recycle! | Nick Power

DIY Pallet Planter Boxes for Sale

Pallet planter boxes are a great way to grow your own fruits and vegetables without having to invest in expensive soil or compost. You can make your own pallet planter box out of old wooden pallets, or you can buy them pre-made at most hardware stores or even online.

This article will show you how to make a raised pallet garden using reclaimed wood, which is much sturdier than using standard pallets. The end result is a very sturdy planter that can be used for growing flowers and other plants.

Pallet planter box for sale

Do you have a lot of pallets that are just taking up space? Here’s a great way to use them!

Pallet planter boxes are a great way to add some color and life to your backyard. They’re easy to make, but they do take some time. You can also paint the outside of the pallets, although most people choose not to since it will chip off over time anyway.

If you want something more permanent, there are many companies that sell ready-made pallet planter boxes online or at garden centers. If you’re working on a budget or just want something simple, making your own is definitely worth it!Container Gardening: DIY Planter box from pallets - Foxy Folksy

All you need is some basic tools and materials:

• Nails (or screws)

• Hammer (or screwdriver)

• Saw (optional)

• Pliers (optional)

Make sure that your wood has been treated with pressure-treated wood before using it for any outdoor projects. It will last longer against rot and insects than untreated wood would. You can also paint or stain your finished product if you like the look of natural wood or if you want something more durable than untreated wood

For this project, we used a number of different pallet wood pieces. We used one full-length pallet for the base and sides, which were cut down to size using a circular saw. The bottom of the planter was made from a second pallet that had been cut down to fit inside the base piece.

To ensure that the planter box would be sturdy, we used 3/4-inch plywood for the bottom of the box and then added treated 2x4s for strength on top of that.

We painted our pallet planter boxes with Behr premium paint in Ultra Pure White. This paint has an excellent coverage rate and is easy to use. It’s also available at Home Depot!

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