Navy Cashmere Shawl

The Navy Cashmere Shawl is the perfect accessory to add warmth and style to your outfit. The 3D diamond worked pattern gives this shawl its luxurious look, while the simple knot makes it easy to adjust depending on the temperature. It is a must-have for any winter wardrobe!

Adorn yourself in the ultimate luxury of cashmere with this navy cashmere shawl. Made of pure 100% cashmere, best cashmere shawl wrap, cashmere fabric description, this shawl is soft and luxurious, providing warmth and comfort on chilly evenings. This cozy wrap can be worn as a shawl, scarf, or poncho thanks to its lightweight design. Navy Cashmere Shawl

Navy Cashmere Shawl

The classic navy cashmere shawl is particularly versatile. It can be used as a scarf to keep your neck warm, in addition to being a throw or blanket.

A classic, luxe shawl in navy cashmere that can be worn as a light wrap or a scarf. This classic infinity design adds texture and dimension without bulk.

This luxurious cashmere shawl is the perfect complement to any outfit. Softly twisted yarns and hand-sewn fringe add structure, while keeping your shoulders and neck warm.

The cashmere shawl is a warm and comfortable piece that can be worn as a layering item, scarf or wrap. This shawl is made in India with 100 percent cashmere yarn and has a subtle stripe pattern to add visual interest. The navy cashmere knit shawl is hand washable, which adds to its carefree nature. 

A nod to the brand’s early days in the shipyards of Northampton, this cashmere shawl has a navy color scheme. It’s made in England, crafted from a blend of wool, silk and cashmere for a soft and lightweight feel.

Pair this knit cashmere shawl with any dress from the weekend. It makes for a versatile piece and is easy to layer over your favorite outfit.

This supersoft cashmere shawl will add warmth and elegance to your wardrobe. It’s a stylish accessory that can be used in multiple ways: as a scarf, cowl, or wrap, it’s an indispensable must-have for every season. A luxurious addition to any outfit, this cozy shawl is sure to be a wardrobe staple you cannot live without.

Our cashmere shawls will add a touch of elegance to any outfit. Crafted in 100% cashmere and finished with leather detailing, they are ideal for evening events and weddings.

The perfect way to channel the spirit of your favorite lady, this cashmere shawl lets you take her with you everywhere.

The navy cashmere shawl is a great winter accessory that you can use to accent your attire.

Wrap yourself in comfort and style with our navy cashmere shawl. Crafted from 100% baby cashmere, it offers the ideal cushioning for styling your outfit.

The color on this navy cashmere shawl is even more beautiful in person. The quality of the cashmere is fantastic, the design is unique and stylish. Perfect for any occasion or just to add an extra touch to your outfit

The Navy Cashmere Shawl drapes over the shoulders and adds a touch of warmth. It’s everything you love about our cashmere shawls in a smaller, more versatile size that’s easy to throw on for instant style and an instant warm-up

The Navy Cashmere Shawl is the perfect addition to your winter wardrobe. It’s light enough that it won’t make you overheat or weigh down your luggage, but it’s still warm enough to keep you feeling cozy while traveling.

The Navy Cashmere Shawl is a lightweight wrap that pairs perfectly with your favorite cashmere jumpers. The shawl is made from 100% pure organic wool, ensuring that it will last for years to come. Linen/Cashmere blend absorbs light moisture for added warmth and comfort in the cooler months of the year. 

Pure Cashmere Scarf in Navy Blue | Aspinal of London

Quality Navy Cashmere Shawl

The navy cashmere shawl is one of the most sought-after pieces in our collection. This timeless classic goes with almost everything and never goes out of style. Made from pure cashmere, it’s soft against the skin and has a streamlined, ergonomic shape that moves with you. Don’t leave home without it!

This Navy Cashmere Shawl by Ralph Lauren is a must-have for women and men. It is the perfect accessory for any wardrobe and always works well with both formal and casual outfits.

A quality cashmere throw blanket will offer you years of warmth and comfort. It’s easy to see why navy cashmere shawls are so popular: they are a timeless staple that can be incorporated into your home decor for both practicality and elegance. This versatile accessory also makes for a great gift.

The Cashmere Shawlette is a beautiful and versatile accessory that can be worn in so many ways: as a wrap, a scarf or a delicate head band. The Cashmere shawl is easy to care for and will maintain its softness with proper care. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, hand wash and lay flat to dry. Extra tips on washing cashmere

This cashmere shawl from Rodd & Gunn’s Blue Crab collection is a must-have for the winter season. A versatile piece, it can be styled in many different ways, making it perfect for layering. Cashmere Wool Wrap Scarf | Navy | TOAST

Best Cashmere Shawl Wrap

Cashmere is renowned for its soft, warm and smooth feel. Our cashmere shawls will keep you cozy at home or in the great outdoors — no matter how many times you wash it!

This navy cashmere shawl from the Isabella Fiore collection is a must-have for modern women. It features a versatile design and is intricately woven for durability and supreme comfort. The thick fabric provides warmth that has been spun from luxurious fibers imported from Italy.

Cashmere Fabric Description

cashmere is a high-grade woolen fabric, made from the fine hair of cashmere goats and other types of goat. The word “cashmere” comes from the Kashmir region of India, where it was first produced. Cashmere is especially soft, light, and warm to the touch. It can be worn in any season as a scarf or wrap. 

Women's Fur Trim Woven Cashmere Shawl Navy Blue | N.Peal

Navy Blue Cashmere Shawl

Cashmere shawls are a must-have for every woman’s wardrobe! A cashmere shawl serves as an elegant accessory that can be worn on any occasion. A cashmere wrap brings elegance and charm to all outfits with its softness and warmth. If you are looking for an ideal gift for someone special or just want to treat yourself to something luxurious, take a look at our collection of navy blue cashmere shawls!

This cashmere navy shawl is one of our new favorites. It transitions well from summer to fall and offers a chic, layered look.

We love the classic elegance of navy cashmere shawls. They carry a sense of timelessness, and pay homage to tradition. As with many beautiful things, they make people feel as though they’re taking a step back in time. It’s hard to believe this inspired piece was designed by our generation!

Discover the luxe joy of cashmere without the guilt of excess with this navy cashmere shawl. It’s hand spun, knitted in an ancient Scandinavian method in Italy, then polished and treated by our expert craftspeople to feel soft as silk and last for years. Throw one around your shoulders today.

This 100% cashmere navy shawl from Stutterheim is a cool classic that you can use in the office and on the road. The shawl protects against wind, rain and wind when cycling, but can also be worn as an elegant wrap at evening events.

The Cashmere & Silk Shawl is the perfect statement accessory to any outfit. It’s as versatile as it is classic, making it a must-have in any wardrobe.



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