Interior design for a bakery cafe

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I’m currently working on a project for a new bakery cafe in the heart of Dublin, but it’s an old building so we have to keep the interior design simple but with a fun twist. We need something that is going to attract people to come inside and stay for longer – to try the range of freshly baked breads and mouth-watering treats.

Interior design for a bakery cafe

Interior design for a bakery cafe

In this article, we are going to show you some of the best bakery shop design ideas. We will cover how to design a bakery shop interior and exterior.

Bakery shops are great places for people to gather and socialize. They are also very popular with children as they provide them with a variety of different treats. In fact, many parents like to take their children to a bakery at least once a week so that they can pick out some treats for them. If you want your business to become successful then it is important that you create an attractive store that will attract new customers.

Here are some important tips that will help you create an attractive bakery shop:

1) The first thing that you need to do is find an appropriate location for your business. This should be easy as there are plenty of good locations available in most towns and cities around the world today. You should also try and choose a place where there is already a lot of foot traffic so that customers will have no trouble finding your store when they come looking for something sweet!

2) Once you have found the perfect location then you should start designing your interior based on its size and layout. A good rule of thumb here is that if

Bakery interior design is a great way to create a warm and welcoming environment for your customers. With the right bakery design, you can create a space that will attract more customers and keep them coming back for more!

Bakery shop designs are all about creating the perfect balance between comfort and style. You want your customers to feel at home while they’re in your store, but you also want them to feel like they’re walking into a trendy bakery.

Here are some tips for designing your bakery interior:

1. Choose the right color scheme

2. Go bold with patterns & textures

3. Keep it simple with clean lines

Bakery Shop Design Photos

Bakery Shop Design Ideas

Bakery Shop Design Layout

Modern Bakery Interior Design

Bakery Interior Design Ideas

Best Bakery Shop Designs

Bakery Design Photos

Bakery Shop Interior Design Ideas

Bakery Shop Designs

Small bakery shop design ideas

Here are some of the best small bakery shop design ideas to help you choose the right one for your business.

Bakery & Coffee Shop Design - Picture gallery | Coffee shop design, Shop interior  design, Coffee shop

Bakery Shop Design Photos, Ideas & Inspirations

The first thing you’ll want to do is decide on a style for your store. While there are no right or wrong choices, you should know that it will greatly influence the rest of your decisions when it comes to designing your space. Here are some examples of different styles:

Modern bakery interior design

The modern bakery interior design is very clean and minimalistic, with neutral colors and clean lines throughout. This look is perfect for any upscale bakeshop looking for a sophisticated feel in their space.

Traditional bakery interior design

A traditional bakery interior design is warm, inviting and nostalgic — perfect for classic bakeries who want to make their customers feel at home when they walk through the door. This look includes lots of wood accents and vintage touches like exposed brick walls and mismatched furniture pieces.

We all know that bakery is a place where people come to buy some snacks and sweets. It’s not just a place where you get some delicious food or desserts, but it’s also an important part of our life. Many different kinds of bakeries are available in the market these days. If you are planning to open up your own bakery business, then we have some beautiful ideas for your consideration.
Bakery Interior Design Project on Behance


Here are some pictures of small bakery shop design ideas that can be inspiration for you:

Modern Bakery Interior Design

This is a modern-day bakery interior design, which looks very cool and elegant. This type of design will definitely attract many customers. The color scheme used here is also very nice and soothing to look at. You can also use different colors like red or blue etc., according to your taste and preference.

This is a small bakery shop design ideas, with the minimalist style of black and white color scheme. The interior design has the theme of cleanliness and simplicity, so it makes a comfortable atmosphere for customers to enjoy their time in the shop.


This is a bakery shop design photos, with a simple yet elegant atmosphere. You can see that the wall is painted with creamy white color to make it looks bright and spacious. The countertop is also made from wood material so that it will give an impression of warmth and comfort when customers come in to the shop.

This is a small bakery shop design, which uses a more modern style with colorful prints on the wall and wooden tables as well as chairs for customers to sit down while enjoying their time in the shop. This kind of decoration makes this place look more attractive than other old-fashioned restaurants and cafes nearby.

Small bakery shop design ideas

If you have a small bakery shop, then you must be looking for the best design. The design of a small bakery shop can be very simple yet attractive. Here are some of the bakery shop design ideas that can help you get started:

Bakery decorating: The decorating of your bakery should be done with care and attention to detail. You can use bright colors, pastel shades, or even white and black shades in your decorating process. The main idea behind this is to make sure that your customers do not feel bored while they are at your store.

Color combination: As mentioned earlier, color can play an important role in designing your bakery. You need to choose colors that go well together and compliment each other so that they give off a calm feeling when someone enters into your store. Also keep in mind that color combinations should not be too bright or dull so that people feel comfortable in your store and spend more time there than usual!

Bakery Shop Design Ideas of Interior and Finishes

Lighting: Lighting plays an important role when it comes to designing any shop or restaurant space and this is no different when it comes to designing bakeries as well! Make sure that you have enough natural light coming into your store by ensuring there are no dark areas where

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