How to use video for content marketing

As a content marketing strategy, video has really taken off. According to Cisco’s ‘Video Traffic Will Outgrow All Other Internet Growth by 2017’ report, online video will make up for 83 percent of global internet traffic by 2017. This statistic alone impresses me, however there are other reasons which motivate me to focus on video as a tactic. The general trend in website design is more toward the usability of information and that is the reason why many companies are including videos in their website design.

With people watching more video than ever, it is important to know how to create great video content for your brand. Not all video makes an impact—and not all video contributes to your business goals. I will show you why video marketing is so powerful, what is video marketing strategy create video that drives action, business leads, and revenue.

Video Marketing As Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

How to use video for content marketing

Video marketing is a powerful way to communicate with your audience and build brand awareness. Video marketing is the process of using online video content to promote your business or organization. It’s a form of social media marketing that involves creating, publishing and promoting video content. Video marketing is a type of social media marketing that uses short videos to promote products and services. The purpose of video marketing is to increase customer engagement and sales for the company.

Video marketing has been shown to improve brand awareness, conversion rates, traffic, leads, and sales; however, it can be difficult for companies to create effective videos on their own. If you’re looking for an easy way to increase your online presence, consider hiring our team at MediaBrix Studios!

In this article I’ll teach you why video marketing is so powerful, what is video marketing strategy and how it can help you grow your business faster than ever before!

Video marketing is a great way to help your business grow. It’s also a very effective tool for building brand awareness and increasing sales.

Video is one of the most powerful ways to connect with your audience, but there are a number of different ways to use video in your marketing strategy.

There are many reasons why video should be a part of your content marketing strategy.

Video can help you:

Improve brand awareness and recognition by adding an emotional element to your brand story.

Increase search engine visibility and improve organic traffic.

Drive social engagement and increase social shares by providing actionable takeaways in the form of quotes or tips.

Build relationships with customers through community building, customer testimonials, live events and more.

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Here are some reasons why video marketing is so powerful:

Video storytelling is more engaging than other mediums such as text or images. In fact, 90% of people say that videos are more memorable than other types of content.

People are constantly consuming online content in short bursts, which makes it difficult to keep their attention for long periods of time. But with the help of video, you can create compelling stories that engage your audience and keep them coming back for more.

Videos can be shared easily on social media, which means they’re more likely to reach a wider audience than any other type of content. They also tend to perform better on social media than other types of media because they’re so easy to share with friends and family members using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Video is a powerful tool for attracting new customers and increasing sales.

Video marketing is one of the most effective forms of content marketing, with statistics showing that video has an attention span of up to 90 seconds. That’s more than three times longer than text-based content!

So it’s no wonder that more businesses are investing in video marketing than ever before:

In 2017, 81% of B2B marketers said they planned on using video in their content strategy.

By 2020, it’s predicted that over 80% of web traffic will be from videos.

Video marketing has become so important because it engages customers and helps them understand exactly what your brand is about — all while driving leads and sales.

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The question is… how does one go about creating successful video content?

Video marketing is a powerful tool for delivering your brand’s message. It has the ability to reach people in a more engaging way than traditional methods, and can help you build trust with prospects.

Video marketing is also an excellent way to showcase your products and services, helping you improve conversions on your website.

Here are some tips to get started:

1. Choose Your Platforms Wisely

2. Think About Your Audience and How They’ll React To Your Message

3. Focus On Quality Over Quantity

4. Don’t Forget About Distribution

Video is a powerful marketing tool, but it’s not right for every business. It can be overwhelming to try to figure out how to use video for content marketing.

The good news is that you don’t need fancy equipment or a professional production team to make videos that will help grow your business.

1) Start with Why: Why do you want to create video? What do you want people to feel when they watch your videos? What message do you want them to take away from watching your videos? Your answers should be different than “I want more views,” “I think people like videos,” or “it looks fun.” Those aren’t reasons — they’re results. If you can’t articulate why making videos matters for your business and what impact it has on your bottom line, then there’s no way you’ll have the confidence and commitment needed to make them happen consistently over time.

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Video marketing has quickly become one of the most powerful tools in any marketer’s arsenal. According to HubSpot, “video is the next frontier for content marketing.”

According to HubSpot, “video is the next frontier for content marketing.”

That may be an understatement. The benefits of video are many:

Videos are easier to digest than text or images.

They can convey a message more powerfully than text or images alone.

They’re more likely to be shared on social media and other channels.

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