How to build a wood planter

Handmade wood planters are used to grow a variety of plants. By building your own, you can decorate your home with unique and creative planters. Follow these tips to help you build a wood planter that is attractive and well-functioning.

Building a wooden planter is simple and you don’t need expensive material to make it. This guide will give you tips on how to build a planter, diy large planters for outdoors, how to make wooden planters from pallets, by taking a DIY approach with cheap materials.

How to build a wood planter

How to build a wood planter

Create a wall of planters to add some greenery to your outdoor space.

These planters are an easy DIY project that will cost you less than $50 and can be done in an afternoon.

How to make wooden planters from pallets

Pallets are everywhere, so if you want to create an extra-large garden, this is the way to go.

How to build a planter box with legs

A wooden planter box is the perfect addition to any deck or patio. This one has legs so it can be moved around easily and positioned where you need it most.

How to build a wood planter

Wood planters are great for adding some greenery to your home, but they can take up a lot of space. If you want to grow herbs or flowers but don’t have much outdoor space, try building a smaller planter that you can use indoors or out. Here are some simple plans for making small wooden planters.

Pallet Planter

A pallet can be turned into a good-looking planter in just a few minutes. You’ll need:

A pallet (free)

Screws (to hold the pallet together)

Staple gun or hot glue gun (optional)

Materials for your plants (soil, seeds, fertilizer and water)

Wood planters are an excellent way to add a natural feel and touch to your garden. You can make the planter from any type of wood, but cedar and redwood are most popular.

Wood planters are great for flowers, vegetables and herbs, as well as other plants that need rich soil. They’re also a good way to provide shade for plants that prefer it cool and shaded.

Planters come in all shapes and sizes, from simple boxes to elaborate designs with arches or curves. You can even find them made of plastic or metal if you prefer those materials over wood.

There are several types of wood planters available:

Simple rectangular boxes with no decorations

Arched boxes with curved sides

Oval-shaped boxes with straight sides

Rectangular boxes with rounded corners at the bottom

Wooden planter boxes are a great addition to any home. They can be used for a variety of things, such as growing herbs or flowers, or simply for decoration. Wooden planters are very easy to make and all it takes is a few tools and some wood.

4ft long wooden decking planter/trough/window box. 122cm x 30cm 30cm. | Garden boxes, Deck planters, Backyard

Wooden planters have been around for centuries. They were first created out of necessity because people needed a way to grow food in their gardens that didn’t require much work, but also looked nice. Nowadays you can find wooden planters made out of many different types of wood, such as cedar and pine, as well as stained or painted in any color you want.

There are many different types of materials that can be used to make wooden planters including:

plastic lumber


lumber from old houses or sheds

old furniture

How to build a wood planter

Wooden Planters are easy to build, and with the right tools, you can finish one in less than a day.


Wood – Any type of wood will work, but I like to use cedar or redwood. They are naturally rot resistant and look good for years to come. You can also use treated lumber that is stained or painted. It won’t last as long but will still last several years if taken care of properly.

Plywood – Use any kind of plywood for this project – it’s just for support and won’t be seen once the planter is done.


Drill – A cordless drill works best, but any drill will do. If you don’t have one yet, I highly recommend getting one! You’ll be amazed at how often you use it once it’s in your toolbox!

Countersink Bit – A countersink bit makes drilling holes easier when attaching screws or nails into wood because it creates a recessed area around the hole that prevents splintering and cracking in the wood when driving in screws or nails. It also creates a nice clean look when using screws or nails instead of using glue alone to secure joints together.”

Diy large planters for outdoors

1. DIY Large Planters for Outdoors

Planter boxes can be a great way to add some character to your outdoor space, especially if you have a large garden or backyard. A planter box can be used to grow flowers or vegetables, to display plants and other decorative items, or even just as a place to rest your feet. They are simple to build and can be made from many different types of materials. Here are some ideas on how you can make your own DIY large planters for outdoors!

2. How To Make Wooden Planters From Pallets

3. How To Build A Planter Box With Legs

4. How To Make A Planter Box From Wood Pallets

DIY Large Planters for Outdoors

Plants are the perfect way to add color and life to your yard. They also help to beautify your home and make it look more appealing. If you have a garden, then this is even more important because you can use them as a decorative item as well as a way to grow vegetables or other plants that you need.

If you want to create a large planter box in your garden, then there are several things that you should do first. You need to decide where you want to place the planter, how big it should be, and what materials you will use for it.

14 DIY Planter Box Plans for Free

Once these details have been taken care of, then it is time to start creating your planter box. There are many different ways that you can go about making one of these boxes so we will go over some of the best methods here today:

How To Make Wooden Planters From Pallets

One of the easiest ways to create a large outdoor planter box is by using wooden pallets that were used for shipping items around in warehouses or stores. You can take these pallets apart in order to get the pieces that you need for your project and then use them as the framework for your new planter box or even as an

DIY Large Planters for Outdoors

You can make DIY large planters with pallets or cinder blocks. They are easy to make and will look great in your garden or patio.

Here are some of the best pallet DIY large planters ideas:

1. Pallet Planter With Hanging Baskets

2. Pallet Planter With Shelves

3. Pallet Planter With Aged Wood Finish

There are two main types of large planters for outdoors: wooden and metal.

6-foot planter shown | Cedar planter box, Planter boxes, Cedar planters

Wooden planters are great for people who want to add plants to their backyard or garden, but don’t want to spend a lot of money on it. They’re also great if you want something that will last a long time and be able to withstand the elements.

When it comes to building your own wooden planter box, there are several options. You can buy pre-made plans online, or create your own design from scratch. The most common type of planter box is made from cedar, pine or redwood because these woods are naturally resistant to rot and insects. However, there are many other woods that work well too! In fact, any hardwood should be fine if treated properly with a waterproof sealant like linseed oil (more on this later).

The second type of large outdoor planter is metal. Metal is extremely durable but can be difficult to work with because it tends to bend easily when trying to cut it into pieces for assembly. If you’re considering purchasing metal garden containers instead of making them yourself, then I highly recommend going with galvanized steel containers over painted ones because they will last longer without rusting out

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