How to build a wishing well planter

Do you know how to build a wishing well planter and transform your backyard into a secret garden? Then you are in the right place! This DIY article will give you step-by-step instructions on building a wishing well planter. I’ll show you exactly what materials and tools you’ll need, and give you tips throughout the planning and building process that will make it easy for anybody to build their own!

Have you ever seen a wishing well planter, how to build a wishing well instructions, how to build a wishing well fountain? Well, I have. A neighbor had one that was quite lovely. So I thought, how do you make a wishing well planter? After quite a bit of searching on the internet and many dead ends, I finally found the answer!

How to build a wishing well planter

How to build a wishing well planter

I wanted to make a wishing well for my nephew for his birthday, but I had no idea where to start. The first thing I did was Google “how to build a wishing well” and found out that there are a lot of different ways to do it. So I decided to make one out of brick because it would be easy to do and would look nice in his yard.

The first step is to spray paint the bricks with an exterior paint so they won’t rust or fall apart when they get wet.

The second step is to put together your pump and attach it to the bottom of your bucket with plumbing tape. To make sure you know where your pump will be located, place it inside your bucket and mark where it needs to go on both sides with a pencil so you know where to drill holes in the bottom of your bucket.

The third step is drilling holes in the bottom of your bucket using a drill bit that’s slightly smaller than your pump tube so that water can flow through easily without clogging up inside the tube itself. Make sure these holes are evenly spaced around the bottom of your bucket so that water can flow out from all directions equally without getting stuck or clogged up somewhere along its path from top

The best way to build a wishing well is to use a pre-fabricated kit. These usually cost between $200 and $400. If you don’t want to spend that much money, it’s possible to build your own wishing well from scratch.

You can build a wishing well out of brick if you have access to bricks or some other type of material that will withstand weather conditions and high traffic areas. You need to make sure that the surface area that people walk on is strong enough so it doesn’t break off, which can lead to serious injury.

Many people choose to make their own wishing wells because they are less expensive than buying one from a store or online. This can be especially helpful if you are on a tight budget and want to surprise someone with an unusual gift idea for their yard or garden area.

How to build a wishing well planter

In this article, we are going to learn how to build a wishing well planter. Wishing wells are very popular and beautiful additions to any garden. They bring happiness and joy, but they can also serve as functional water features. The following is a list of materials needed for this project:

Materials required:

-A big container (at least 6 to 8 feet in diameter)

-A pump with a pressure switch (the one I used is below)

-A submersible fountain pump (I purchased mine here)

How to Build a Wishing Well Planter

The wishing well planter is a great addition to any garden or patio. It’s a fun way to bring an element of whimsy into your outdoor space, and it makes a great conversation starter as well.

If you want to build your own wishing well, here are some tips:

Step 1: Gather materials. The materials needed for this project are simple and easy to find. You will need:

A round bucket with a lid (you can buy one at any home improvement store). The size of the bucket depends on how big you want your planter to be. If you plan on using the planter indoors, make sure the lid fits snugly over the top of the bucket so that water doesn’t leak out from underneath. For an outdoor planter, make sure you choose one that is both waterproof and UV-resistant so that it will last for years in direct sunlight without rusting or fading (I recommend using something like this).

A plastic funnel (the kind used for filling up car oil) — this will help you pour dirt into the bottom of your container without spilling it all over yourself!

Dirt — ideally potting soil mixed with compost or manure; this will help keep

This wooden wishing well planter is a fun and easy DIY project that anyone can make.


Wooden bowl (I used an unfinished one I got at a craft store)

Smaller wood pieces for the sides (I used the same wood as the bowl)

A small piece of plywood (for the bottom of the well)

Paint or stain to decorate your well (optional)

Glass marbles or stones (optional)

Diy wishing well planter | Diy wishing wells, Brick patterns patio, Butterfly garden design

How to build a wishing well instructions

Wish wells are small fountains that are built in the shape of a well. When planning to build your own wishing well, you’ll need to consider how big you want it to be and what materials you’d like to use.

How to Build a Wishing Well Out of Brick

Step 1: Determine the Size of Your Well

The first step in building a brick wishing well is deciding how big you want it to be. If it’s going to be for aesthetic purposes only, then choose the size based on what fits your needs and tastes best. If you plan on using it as a water feature or water garden, then go with something larger so that there will be enough space for plants and fish.

Step 2: Dig Hole for Well

Dig out enough dirt from the area where you plan on placing your brick wishing well so that there is room for it and its accompanying parts (like pump). Make sure you have enough room around all sides of the hole so that nothing will get damaged when you start putting everything together down there. The depth also depends on how deep you want your water level in relation to ground level.

How to build a wishing well fountain

Step 1: Mark your circle

Mark the center of your garden bed with a stake or a small rock. Measure out from the center a circle 12 feet in diameter. The edge of the circle should be about three inches outside of the stake or rock, which will allow for some clearance when you dig out the hole.

Step 2: Dig out your hole

Use an excavator or shovel to dig out your hole to a depth of at least 24 inches and up to 36 inches, depending on how deep your water level will be. If you plan on having water in your well all year round, dig it deeper than 36 inches so that it won’t freeze over in winter months.

Step 3: Add support for brick cylinder

Brick cylinders are one of the most common materials used in building wishing wells because they’re sturdy and easy to find at home improvement stores. You’ll need two bricks per side of your well — one stacked on top of another — so buy enough bricks to have them available as you’re building it. You’ll also need mortar (or cement) and sand for this step — these are sold separately from bricks and can be found at any hardware store or home improvement

DIY Tire Wishing Well Planters Tutorials

How to Build a Wishing Well

Instructions for Building a Wishing Well Fountain

A fountain is one of the most common ways to make your garden look beautiful. It also serves as a source of water for plants and animals. However, if you are looking for something different from the ordinary, then you can try building a wishing well fountain. This type of fountain has been around since ages ago and it has been used by many people as an expression of love, gratitude and good luck.

If you want to build a wishing well fountain in your garden, here are some instructions that will help:

1. Get supplies needed for this project: A large bucket with a handle on top, wire mesh fencing, bricks or stones in different sizes, sand bags or small rocks, mortar mix (cement), sandpaper, large plastic sheeting (or any waterproof material), paint brush and paint (optional), drill bit that matches the size of your drill bit plus 1/8 inch larger than this size so that there is enough room between the inside edge of the hole and its diameter which would allow for expansion when wet).

15 Free Wishing Well Plans with Detailed Instructions

How to Build a Wishing Well

Wishing wells are a fun way to add an ornamental touch to your yard. They’re also good for the environment. That’s because they use rainwater instead of tap water, eliminating the need for you to use your garden hose or sprinkler system. A wishing well can be built from a variety of materials, including brick and concrete blocks, wood or even stone. Building one is not difficult, but if you don’t have any experience with masonry work, it’s best to leave this project up to someone who does.

Step 1: Dig a Hole

The first thing you’ll need to do is dig a hole for the well. You want this hole deep enough that it will hold all the water from your downspout when it rains, yet not so deep that it will collapse under its own weight. The depth of the hole depends on how much rainwater you expect to collect — which in turn depends on how much rain falls where you live. If possible, consult an experienced landscaper before digging the hole; he may be able to give you some idea about how big it should be.

Step 2: Mark Off Its Dimensions

Next mark off the dimensions of your well using stakes and string or chalk lines

Building a wishing well is a fun project for all ages. It can be built using common materials and can be used as a centerpiece or focal point in your yard or garden.



Plastic tubs or buckets

Pipe or PVC pipe, depending on the design you choose

Sand or gravel

Step 1: Digging the HoleDigging the hole is the most important part of building a wishing well, as this determines how high above ground the water will be and whether it will be possible to reach it easily. If you are planning on building an above-ground wishing well, dig your hole deep enough so that the ground level is several inches below grade (sloped away from the well). If you plan on building an underground wishing well, dig your hole to about waist-high height so that reaching into it is easy.

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