How to build a snowman book

Just getting started with a book? The pack includes a story called “how to build a snowman” that kids can follow to learn how to write characters, setting, plot and more. This book will help the future author develop his writing skills for years to come.

Part of the snowman book series. My son thinks it is easier to build the snowman than reading this book and he prefers to build the snowman step by step (to his surprise)How to build a snowman book

How to build a snowman book

I love teaching this book to my students. They are so engaged and excited about it! I have found that this book is great for teaching sequencing, cause and effect and even social skills. I read this book with my class every year at least twice. It never gets old!

My favorite part of this book is how it teaches children how to build a snowman. Each page shows one step in the process of creating a snowman. It starts with the head, then nose and mouth, followed by arms and lastly the body. The illustrations are simple enough for young readers to follow along with the story and make each step seem like fun!

This book can be used as an introduction into writing stories or just for fun! Writing is an important literacy skill because it makes kids feel proud of their work when they can read something that they created themselves! While reading this story together as a class we take turns reading each page aloud until we get to the end of the story. Then we draw our own pictures on paper in our own handwriting so that everyone has their own version of how to

This is a fun activity for kids to do on a snow day. It’s also a great activity to do with your child if you’re planning on using it as a gift for someone else.

How to Build a Snowman Printable BookControl Alt Achieve: Build a Snowman with Google Slides

This printable book is super easy to make and comes in two different versions: one with text and one without. The version without text is great for children who are just beginning to read. You can also use this printable in your classroom as an interactive reading lesson, where each child reads the story aloud while others follow along with the pictures!

Materials Needed:

Printer paper or white cardstock


Glue stick or tape

For kids who love snow, here’s a book that teaches them how to build the perfect snowman. Step-by-step instructions take them through the process of building a snowman from scratch, with fun facts about each step along the way. The final project is a personalized snowman that looks just like the kid who built it!

How to Build a Snowman: An Activity Book for Kids includes:

Step-by-step instructions on how to build your own snowman

Tips on choosing the best materials and tools

The history of snowmen and other fun facts about snow

How to Build a Snowman Step by Step

1. Draw a circle for the snowman’s head and two smaller circles for his eyes.

2. Draw a triangle for the snowman’s nose and two small triangles for his ears.

3. Connect all the lines together with curved lines to make the face of your snowman.

4. Cut out the template pieces and color them in with markers or crayons, then cut them out on the dotted line.

5. Putting it together: Put your snowman’s hat on first, then add his scarf and buttons (not shown). Finally attach his carrot nose and put on his scarf!

Building a snowman is a fun activity for kids to do. You can build the snowman with your child or even by yourself. The best part about building a snowman is that you don’t need any special equipment to help you do it! You can use things around the house or in nature to create this craft.

Step 1: Gather Materials


cardboard (to make the body)

Paper plate (to make the head)

Cotton balls (to make the eyes)

Pipe cleaners (to make arms and legs)

Paint or markers (if desired)

This is a fun book for kids to read. It includes step by step instructions on how to build a snowman. It also includes cut out pictures of the steps and instructions. The size of the book is 8 x 10 inches, so it’s easy for kids to read.

This book also has a spot for children to write their name and date on each page, so they can see how much they have improved over time!

You can print these pages directly from your home computer, or you can take them to any printing company and get them printed for you.

The pages are designed in a way that makes it easy for younger children (and even adults!) to follow along with the step by step instructions and build their very own snowman!

Step 1: Build the body. The first step is to build the body of your snowman. You can do this by rolling a ball of snow and then smoothing out the edges with your hands until it looks like a ball. If you don’t want to roll it by hand, you can also use a rope to make the shape instead.

Step 2: Add arms and legs. Once you have built your snowman’s body, you need to add arms and legs so that he can stand up on his own! To do this, simply push two sticks into the top of your snowman’s head and then tie them together at the top with some twine or string so that they form an “X” shape. Then place another stick underneath each arm and tie them together at their tops as well. Your snowman should now have 4 sticks sticking out of his head, forming an X shape! Now all you need to do is add his legs by placing two more sticks on either side of his body and tying them together at the bottom with twine or string as well!

Step 1:

Gather supplies. You will need:

-Popsicle sticks (or other sturdy sticks)

-Scissors or craft knife

-Glue stick or white glue

-Markers and crayons for decorating your snowman. I used Sharpie markers and Crayola washable markers. You can also use stickers, glitter, feathers, pom poms, etc. If you are going to use paint, be sure to put newspaper down where you are working so you don’t get paint on the floor (or carpet if you have pets).

A snowman is a large snow sculpture built by humans, usually as a winter decoration. The combination of the words snow and man is a near-universal appellation for the male figure made from snow; and conversely, when used to refer to the female figure, it is generally called an “ice lady” or “snowwoman”. Snowmen are traditionally created in an anthropomorphic form, but may also be found in other shapes, such as those resembling an animal.

Snowmen are typically built by children using large amounts of compacted snow. Often these will have a face that can be carved out using coal or charcoal and then sprayed with water until it freezes; thus forming an ice mask.Printable Roll a Snowman Dice Game - Happiness is Homemade

The earliest known mention of a snowman comes from the diary of Samuel Pepys where he writes on January 13th 1661 ‘I walked into London today with my wife to see plays.’ In this entry he talks about going to see a play at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane called ‘The Man’s Bewitched’. One scene in this show involved three men building a giant snowman which was apparently so realistic that it scared Pepys’ wife so much that she screamed out loud!

You will need:

1. A sheet of paper

2. A pen or pencil

3. Some markers (optional)

How to make your own book:

1. Print out the pages of this book. You can use the ‘print’ button on your computer or look at the bottom of this page for instructions on how to print from your mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android etc.)

2. Cut out all the pages as indicated by the black lines.

3. Fold them along the dotted lines so that they make a book with 5 pages (a front cover, 4 pages inside).

4. Glue or staple together the folds so that it becomes hardback and rigid.

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