Gap Japanese Selvedge Denim

Gap Japanese Selvedge Denim. An item of clothing you will own for a decade.GAP Japanese Selvedge Denim,  J crew selvedge jeans,uniqlo selvedge denim,mens selvedge denim – this is just the selection of your jeans.  These are the most comfortable and quality product that I have found in a long time.

For as long as I have been in the market for new jeans, it’s surprising that I only recently discovered denim done right. It has nothing to do with the brand being too large, too small, too short or too tall. The issue is never with the sizing – it’s the quality of the product itself. It’s a very strange phenomenon to be perfectly honest. With so many great products on the market today and a seemingly endless supply of options, how can denim continue to be one of them? It seems inexplicable at first thought. Yet, that is where I found myself in late 2012 — looking for a new pair of jeans and frustrated more than you can imagine by my options.

The GAP Japanese Selvedge Denim comes in two different options: Slim and Straight (as shown above). Both are made from 100% Japanese cotton selvedge denim that has been woven on old-fashioned shuttle looms at the Kaihara Mill in Okayama, Japan. The fabric is rigid and heavy, which makes for a tough yet durable pair of jeans.

Gap Japanese Selvedge Denim

Gap Japanese Selvedge Denim

The Gap Japanese Selvedge Denim is a very popular pair of jeans in the denim community. These jeans have a nice, clean look with a great fit and feel. They are made in Japan and feature a 14 oz. selvedge denim that is redline, meaning it has a red line running through the middle of the jean on each side seam to show off where the fabric was dyed during manufacturing. The denim also features an interior selvedge ID which can be seen if you cuff the hem up one inch or more.

The selvedge denim is a fabric that is woven on old-fashioned shuttle looms. These looms produce a narrow, tightly woven strip of fabric with a self-finished edge (selvedge) that prevents fraying, as opposed to the more common modern wide loom that produces denim with an unfinished edge (faulted).

The selvedge of the fabric was originally used by denim manufacturers as a way to easily distinguish between different batches of denim. For example, if one batch of denim had imperfections or flaws in it, it could be easily identified by looking at the selvedge. In addition, this feature also helped determine the quality and type of denim being used for each garment.

As consumers became more conscious about where their clothes were made and how they were made, demand for selvedge products increased dramatically. This led many manufacturers to start making more products out of selvedge fabrics in order to capitalize on this trend.

Gap Kaihara Selvedge Skinny Jeans

The Gap Kaihara Selvedge Skinny Jeans are another popular pair of jeans for men who want that classic blue jean look without breaking the bank. These jeans feature a 13 oz. Kaihara denim with a nice medium-low rise and slim silhouette that makes them look great with almost any pair of shoes or boots.

The GAP Kaihara selvedge skinny is the latest addition to the GAP denim lineup. It comes in a 14 oz weight and features a straight leg fit with a medium rise. The denim is made from a Japanese selvedge denim that has been woven on vintage shuttle looms. It is dyed using natural indigo and then washed in an enzyme wash that gives it an overall lighter color tone than regular raw denim. The result is a pair of jeans with light color tones and fading marks that give it more of an aged look than other raw denim jeans on the market today.

The fabric also has a slight slubbiness to it which gives the jeans more character compared to stiffer denims like Uniqlo’s Ultra Slim Fit Selvedge Denim Jeans or Levi’s 501 Original Straight Fit Selvedge Jeans.

The GAP Kaihara Selvedge Skinny Jeans are available online at Gap for $98 USD –


J Crew Selvedge Jeans

The selvedge denim market has exploded in recent years. With brands like Uniqlo, J Crew and Gap producing their own versions of the classic fabric, it’s no surprise that more and more guys are looking to try out selvedge jeans. But with so many options out there, how do you know which pair is right for you?

Selvedge denim is made on old-style shuttle looms that produce narrower and tighter weaves than modern looms. The result is a premium pair of pants with a clean finish and deep indigo color. The term “selvedge” comes from the edge of the fabric where it’s stitched together by hand – this tightly woven edge prevents fraying and enhances durability.

The “selvedge” part of the word refers to an old style of denim production where the fabric was woven on narrow looms, which produced a clean edge on the fabric.

Seam: A seam is any stitch or line that bonds two pieces of fabric together.

Rise: The rise is the distance between the top of the waistband and the crotch seam.

Taper: This is how much smaller a pair of jeans gets as they get closer to your ankles – they get tighter around your lower leg and then expand again as they reach your feet.

Mens Selvedge Denim

When it comes to denim, there are two main types of selvedge denim: Japanese and American.

In this guide, we’ll break down the differences between Japanese and American selvedge denim and help you find the right pair for you.

The term “selvedge” refers to the self-finished edges of fabric made on old shuttle looms with no seams. The term “blue jeans” is derived from these denim fabrics that were originally dyed with indigo dye and then sanded to give them a finished edge.

Today, these fabrics are still produced in Japan using traditional methods that use natural dyes such as indigo and natural vegetable-based dyes instead of synthetic dyes like acid or reactive dyes used by other manufacturers. The result is a more durable, long-lasting pair of jeans that will fade beautifully over time.

The selvedge denim market is exploding with new brands and styles. The most popular brands are still Levi’s, Lee and Wrangler, but there are tons of others such as Nudie, APC, Naked & Famous, Baldwin Denim and many more.

The biggest difference between these high quality brands and your average pair of jeans is the way they’re made. The selvedge process starts with the cotton plant which is grown on a narrow strip of land called a selvedge or self-edge. This strip of land is used to grow longer strands of cotton called slub yarns. Slubs are naturally imperfections in the fabric that give it character and make it unique. After harvesting the cotton plant it’s washed in small batches with natural indigo dye which gives each pair its deep blue color. Finally, each pair is woven together on old shuttle looms at low tension giving them a soft hand feel and greater durability than other fabrics.

Gap 1969 Japanese Selvedge Denim #rawdenimmadness | Raw denim, Japanese  selvedge denim, Selvedge denim

Uniqlo Selvedge Denim

Uniqlo is a Japanese casual clothing retailer. It was founded in 1984 by Tadashi Yanai. It has its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan and operates in Japan and several other countries worldwide.

In the west, Uniqlo is best known for its high-quality low-cost clothing. In Japan it is known for its wide range of clothing, including a full menswear line and limited womenswear collection.

Uniqlo’s denim jeans are made from 100% cotton selvedge denim, which means that they are woven on traditional shuttle looms (which produces a more durable fabric) on the loom where they are cut off the roll of fabric at the end of the loom, which gives them their unique indigo color (which fades over time).

Gap Kaihara Selvedge Denim – Gap’s first foray into selvedge denim is a skinny jean made from 12 oz American denim with a black weft that fades to white over time. The fit is slim but not tight with just enough room in the thigh and leg opening to accommodate larger thighs without looking sloppy.

Uniqlo’s selvedge denim has been a big hit since it launched back in 2014. The Japanese brand has been expanding its range of selvedge products, with some of the latest additions being denim jackets and shirts.

The new collection includes two styles of jeans: Slim Fit Selvedge Jeans ($39.90) and Relaxed Fit Selvedge Jeans ($39.90). Both pairs come in a variety of washes, including light blue indigo and dark blue indigo (pictured above). They’re made from 100% cotton selvedge denim and feature Uniqlo’s signature copper-colored threading along the seams — an element that gives these jeans a unique look.




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