Cashmere Beanie and Scarf

Cashmere is the best! When compared to wool, cashmere is softer, smoother and lighter. Our Cashmere Beanie and Scarf combines the strength of our M2 Fine Beach Sand Heavyweight yarn with 100% cashmere. Soft and warm – it’s a great gift idea that anyone would enjoy, especially from you!

Fleece Beanie USA offers you Cashmere Beanie and Scarf for those who choose to wear cashmere clothing in winter. When the temperature becomes lower and you feel colder, to keep warm would be the first thing. If you have chosen a cashmere scarf or beanie, our site will is the best for helping you find something of good quality. In our shop, you can choose from a wide range of products at affordable prices.

Cashmere Beanie and Scarf

Cashmere Beanie and Scarf

Cashmere beanies are a staple in the winter wardrobe and this one is extra special. This cashmere beanie has been made with a soft, warm chunky knit that will keep your head toasty warm. It also has decorative stitching on both sides which makes it look even more special. The scarf that is included in this set is also super soft and cozy. You can wear it around your neck or tie it around your wrist for a fashion statement!

These cashmere beanie and scarf set is so soft and beautiful. The beanie is a classic style with some extra details that make it even more special. The scarf also has some interesting details. It has a nice simple design with a flower of the same color on each side of the scarf. I think this set would look great for fall or winter!

This is a special edition of the popular Cashmere Beanie and Scarf. I have made this in a beautiful cashmere yarn with the same great fit and feel as my original.

The scarf is made with a beautiful purple cashmere blend yarn and can be worn as an infinity scarf, or as a shawl to cover your shoulders on cold days. The beanie is knit in pure 100% soft cashmere, so it will keep your ears warm while still being lightweight enough to throw on while you head out for a walk or commute to work.

This is a cashmere scarf and beanie set. It’s very soft, warm and cozy. The scarf is 50% cashmere, 50% nylon. The beanie is 100% cashmere. You can wear the scarf as a bandana or as a headband to keep your ears warm. The beanie is great for when you don’t want to wear gloves but want warmth on your hands!

The scarves are approximately 12″ x 70″, which means they are long enough that you could use them as a scarf, but not too long to get in the way of your hands when you’re walking around.

Cashmere hat scarf and glove set

Cashmere Beanie and Gloves Set

If you love cashmere, then you’ll love this beanie and gloves set. It features a luxurious cashmere blend that’s perfect for keeping your head and hands warm. The set includes one black beanie and two pairs of cashmere gloves, one in black and one in white. The beanie is made from 100% cashmere yarn, while the gloves are made from 80% cashmere yarn and 20% nylon. The black beanie has a ribbed edge, while both white and black gloves feature ribbed cuffs.

The hat measures 24 inches long by 9 inches wide, while each glove comes in sizes M/L or S/M.

Cashmere Scarf & Gloves Set

This cashmere scarf and gloves set is great for anyone looking to add warmth to their wardrobe without breaking the bank. It’s made from 100% cashmere yarn so it feels soft against your skin while also being highly durable. This scarf measures 6 feet long by 4 inches wide when unfolded, which means it should easily fit around your neck twice with room to spare if necessary. The gloves come in two different sizes — small/medium or large/extra large — so there’s something.

Winter is here. It’s time to bundle up and keep warm. And what better way to do that than with cashmere?

This season, we’re all about cashmere beanies, gloves and scarves. They’re lightweight but warm, and come in a range of colours including blue, pink and black as well as white.

The best part is that they’re super affordable too!

Cashmere beanie: $32.90

Cashmere scarf: $29.90

Cashmere gloves: $23.90

cashmere hat scarf and glove set

cashmere gloves and scarf set

cashmere beanie and gloves set

cashmere hats, scarves, mittens, gloves, cowls and shawls are the perfect gift for Christmas, birthdays or any occasion.

Our cashmere hand knit hats, scarves and gloves are made of 100% pure Mongolian Cashmere wool. Our products are hand knitted by artisans in Mongolia who have been knitting for generations. The quality is assured by a rigorous inspection process.

Cashmere gloves and scarf set

This cashmere beanie and gloves set is the perfect gift for a loved one. The soft natural material will keep you warm and cozy this winter. The beanie is made from 100% cashmere, which is known for its luxurious feel and high-quality craftsmanship. It features full lining on both sides, providing warmth without bulkiness. The cashmere scarf is made using a simple weave pattern, which highlights the natural beauty of the material while still maintaining durability. This scarf features an extra long length to keep you warm even when it’s windy outside. The cashmere gloves are designed with a ribbed cuff to give them a snug fit around your wrists while allowing room for movement so you can continue working without losing your dexterity or feeling restricted in any way. These gloves are perfect for keeping your hands warm while driving, walking or just lounging around at home or at work!

Cashmere beanie and gloves set

The classic cashmere beanie and gloves set. The perfect gift for a loved one, or a treat for yourself.

Cashmere scarf and gloves set

This classy cashmere scarf and gloves set is the ideal present for someone special. Made from 100% pure cashmere, it’s soft, warm and comfortable to wear. It comes in different colours, so you can choose one that matches their wardrobe.

100% Cashmere Beanie Hat & Scarf Set – Light Grey- Dark Grey

This stylish set includes a 100% cashmere beanie hat and scarf in dark grey / light grey colour. The hat has a ribbed brim with tassle detail on the side and the scarf is knitted in plain design with fringe at each end for added effect.

Cashmere beanie and gloves set

The cashmere beanie and gloves set is the perfect winter accessory for women. Whether you are going to play golf, skiing or just walking in the cold outside, these cashmere gloves and scarf set can keep you warm. The cashmere material is soft and comfortable. The beautiful colors will make you look elegant and stylish. These are not only for ladies but also for men who want a good quality cashmere product.

The cashmere hat scarf and glove set is a great gift idea for Christmas, birthday or other special occasions. You can buy it as a present for your mom, wife or daughter on their birthday or buy one for yourself to keep yourself warm this winter season!


Hat-Luxe Cashmere in Dark Grey Chine | JOSEPH DE

Cashmere beanie and gloves set

Cashmere beanie and gloves set

Cashmere scarf and gloves set

Cashmere hat and gloves set

Cashmere beanie and gloves set is a perfect gift for this winter season. The cashmere beanie is made of soft, warm, durable and breathable material. It is soft on the inside with a delicate texture. The cashmere scarf can be worn as a scarf or wrapped around the neck as a cowl to keep you warm. The cashmere glove is also an essential item in cold weathers. It can keep your hands warm and comfortable when you go out for a walk or drive in the car.

cashmere beanie and gloves set

Cashmere is known for its luxurious softness, warmth and lightness. The Cashmere Beanie and Gloves Set is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to stay warm this winter. The hat and gloves are made of 100% cashmere wool, which comes from the Kashmir goat. This soft material is ideal for keeping you warm while looking stylish.

In addition to its beautiful appearance, cashmere is also known for its durability. It can be worn in different conditions without losing its quality or becoming damaged. Therefore, this hat and glove set will last for many years to come.

cashmere hat scarf and glove set

cashmere gloves and scarf set

cashmere beanie and gloves set

As the winter season is approaching, it is time to decide what kind of accessories you are going to wear for this winter. There are many options like scarves, gloves and hats etc. But when it comes to the hat, there is no replacement for it. Hats are a great way to keep your head warm as well as they protect you from cold weather. But if you want to look stylish in winters then you should not go for any ordinary hat or cap but choose something which is made up of high quality material with some fine detailing on it.

Cashmere beanie hat: A cashmere hat is an ideal choice because it protects your head from cold weather while making them look stylish at the same time. They are available in many different colors so that you can find one which suits your taste best. If you have long hair then this type of hat will be perfect for you because it will help in keeping your hair neat and tidy without causing any damage to them due to cold weather conditions. If you don’t like wearing caps all day long then this type of hat will be perfect for you because it looks.


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