Business plan for law firms

Business plans are essential for most new small businesses. They identify the firms goals and objectives and help secure funding and other business partners. A law firm is a small business, so it follows that they too should have a business plan.

This page will talk you through business plan for a law firm sample, sample business plan for law firm partner, creating a business plan for a law firm and how to prepare it. Understanding the marketing element and how to market your firm is key to getting clients and attracting new business from referrals.

Business plan for law firms

Business plan for law firms

This template is for a law firm that has been in business for at least two years, and has one partner and two associates. The firm primarily practices business law, but also handles family law cases. The partners are both licensed attorneys, while the associates are paralegals.

The partners have worked together for over 10 years, and have built up a good reputation in the community as reliable lawyers who deliver on their promises. They want to expand their customer base by adding new services and attracting more clients with their excellent service.

The business plan outlines how they will accomplish this goal within two years through strategic planning, marketing plans and financial projections.

Sample Business Plan for a Law Firm Partner

I am writing to request a sample business plan for my law firm partner.

My partner and I have recently been approached by an investor and we are in the process of deciding whether or not to accept his offer and how much stock to sell. We have been working together for several years now, and our firm has grown steadily over that time. Our client base consists mostly of individuals who are purchasing homes or refinancing their mortgages, but we are also beginning to attract some small businesses as well.

We have built up our reputation as being honest and reliable, which is why so many of our clients come back to us again and again. We want to keep this reputation intact by ensuring that all of the paperwork is handled correctly, which is why we have decided not to outsource any of the work to third-party companies or individuals. The only way for us to do this would be by hiring more lawyers or paralegals at our firm.

In order for us to accept this offer from our investor, we need access to more capital so that we can hire more professionals who can handle all of these cases on their own without having them pass through our hands first before they can move forward with their transactions. This will allow


How to Write a Business Plan for a Law Firm

A business plan is a crucial document that will help you start your law firm. It will also help you stay focused on your goals and objectives, and it can show potential investors that you have thought things through thoroughly. A good business plan can help you get funding, find new clients and keep your current clients happy.

Writing a business plan for a law firm is no different from writing any other type of business plan. You must lay out all of your ideas in detail and be ready to explain each point. Here are some tips for writing an effective plan:

Define your objectives clearly. What do you want to accomplish with your law firm? Do you want to specialize in one area of law or practice many types? Do you want to open multiple offices throughout the country? Your answers should be clear and concise.

Determine your target market. Who are your clients going to be? Are they families who need wills drawn up before they die? Or are they corporations who need contracts reviewed before they’re signed? Will they be wealthy individuals who want their estates planned out to avoid probate court proceedings? Be sure that whatever type of client you envision working with will generate enough profit

Business Plan for a Law Firm

1.0 Business Description

1.1 Business name:

Law firm name

1.2 Type of business:

Limited liability company (LLC)

1.3 Business purpose:

To provide legal services to clients in the United States and abroad, with an initial focus on California law, but with plans to expand into other states and countries in the future. The partners have an extensive network of contacts within their respective fields and will use these connections to generate new business opportunities for the firm. In addition, we will offer discounted rates for select types of work (e.g., criminal law).

Law firms are businesses, which means that they should be run like businesses. They should have a business plan to guide their actions and decisions. The law firm business plan is usually more detailed than the typical small business plan, because the legal profession requires more planning due to its complexity.

In order to create an effective law firm business plan, you must understand how attorneys work and how they think about their careers. Lawyers often make impulsive decisions without thinking about how they will affect their practice as a whole. If you want to avoid making these mistakes, having a good legal practice management plan will help keep your firm moving in the right direction at all times.

The following is a sample business plan for a law firm. This can be used as a guide in writing your own.

Considerations to make when starting law firms – EMC Solution Catalog

While each law firm has its own unique needs, certain aspects of the business will be very similar. For example, all law firms need to have legal knowledge and experience. Regardless of the type of law you practice, you should clearly define your area(s) of expertise and experience in your business plan.

This section should also address how you plan to attract new clients and keep existing ones happy. It’s important to highlight any special services or advantages your firm has over others in your area. If there are any barriers to entry (such as location), they should be addressed here as well


The purpose of this plan is to outline the goals, strategies and tactics that I will use to build my law firm. I am a partner in a small law firm with three other attorneys and two paralegals. My partner and I have been in business together for 13 years and are both partners in the firm.

Our practice areas include family law, divorce, adoption, child custody, child support, alimony, personal injury and criminal defense. We do not do any civil litigation.

The goal of my practice is to build my client base by providing exceptional legal services at reasonable prices. My strategy will be to market myself extensively through seminars, speaking engagements at community events and networking with local businesses.

I believe that my practice will grow by expanding into new areas of law where I can provide valuable services to clients who could not afford an attorney from a larger firm or who would not otherwise be able to obtain legal representation due to lack of funds or language barriers (some of my clients do not speak English).

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