Business plan for laptop company

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Have you ever thought about starting your own laptop company? Have you considered the different types of laptops for sale? Do you know about the different laptops on the market? Are you considering starting a laptop company of your own. If so, then this article business plan about computer shop, computer sales and service business plan doc, may be able to help you get off to a good start.

Business plan for laptop company

Business plan for laptop company


The following is a business plan for a computer shop. It is designed to help you start your own business and make it successful. The first section of this plan will give you an overview of the business, while the second section will provide more detail about each aspect of the business.

1.0 Executive Summary

A computer repair shop is a small business that makes money by repairing computers and selling computer components and accessories. This type of business can be started by anyone with some knowledge about computers and some capital to get started with. It does not require any special skill or training, but it does require time and effort in order to become successful.

1.1 Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide affordable computer repair services, as well as sell quality computer parts and accessories at competitive prices through our retail store location(s). We will meet or exceed customer expectations by providing quality service at all times while maintaining a pleasant atmosphere within our stores(s). We will offer fair prices on all products sold while maintaining a high level of customer service at all times during our business hours of operation (hours vary by location). We will strive to provide excellent customer service with prompt attention to all customers complaints/requests in order to maintain their confidence in us as a reputable company

Computer Shop Business Plan

This is a sample computer shop business plan. It has been written as a guide to help you create your own successful business plan. The following sections are included:

This business plan is written in a professional and formal tone. It has been written by a small business owner, who uses the first person pronouns “I” and “we”. The writer uses simple language and avoids jargon, keeping it easy to read.

The writer of this business plan is offering his services as a consultant for other businesses, who want to start their own computer repair shops. He starts by describing his background and experience in the field. He then goes on to explain how he will conduct his business, what products he will offer, how much money he expects to make from each sale (or service), and how much money he will need to get started. The writer also includes a section on marketing strategies that are specific to this type of business. Finally, he concludes with an appendix that provides information on sources of additional funding if necessary

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1. Executive Summary

2. Company Description

3. Market Analysis

4. Marketing Strategy

5. Sales Forecast and Budget

6. Management Team, Financials and Appendices

Computer Business Plan

Business Name: Business Plan for laptop company

Address: City, State, Zip Code, Country: ____________________

Telephone: (123) 456-7890


Contact Person(s): Name: John Smith, Position/Title: Owner/CEO

Summary of Company Description:

The laptop company is a small business that sells laptops and other computer accessories. The company started in January 2010 and has been growing steadily ever since. The laptop company sells laptops through the internet and through local stores in the area. It also has a repair service which specializes in fixing any type of problem with a laptop computer.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide our customers with high quality computers at affordable prices. We will continue to provide excellent customer service as we have done for the past three years. We will strive to keep up with new technology so that we can offer our customers the latest and greatest products on the market today!

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Laptop Computer Shop Business Plan

Laptops are the most popular computer in the world. They are portable, fast, and easy to use. Laptops are also expensive, but they offer a lot of value to the user. The laptop industry has been growing rapidly over the last few years and shows no signs of slowing down. The laptop market is extremely competitive, but there is still room for another player in this business.

You will open a laptop computer shop, where you sell new laptops and related products such as cases, batteries and mice.

Write Your Business Plan: Tips from Business Consultants - DevriX

The purpose of this plan is to provide you with an overview of what it takes to start your own retail business in this industry. It will help you develop a plan for starting up your own successful business by outlining:

1) Target market analysis;

2) Analysis of competition; 3) Marketing strategy; 4) Sales forecast; 5) Financial projections; 6) Management summary

Computer Sales and Service Business Plan

The information in this plan is intended to provide you with a snapshot of what the business owner(s) has done to date, as well as their operating strategies for the future. The plan also highlights key issues that need to be addressed when considering funding or investment in this business.

This is not a financial plan. For more information on how to prepare one please see here.

Business Name: Computer Sales and Service

Business Type: Retail, Wholesale and/or Manufacturing

Business Overview: Computer Sales and Service is a fast growing store that sells computers and other electronics. This business offers repair services on all products sold in the store. It also sells electronic parts such as motherboards, hard drives, RAM etc… Our main competitors are Best Buy and Future Shop. However, we have noticed that many people are switching to us due to our competitive price points and quality service offered by our staff members (which we will discuss more about later). Our target market is families who need affordable computer systems for home use as well as small businesses who require new technology for running their operations efficiently (i.e. POS systems). We also offer free delivery within city limits for certain purchases over $500 (this includes free setup & installation).

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