Best Japanese Selvedge Denim

Selvedge denim is often more expensive than regular denim, but it lasts longer and has a better fit because it is made from higher quality cotton. It’s also more eco-friendly since it uses less water and energy during production.  

Selvedge denim, or “self-edge” denim, is a type of fabric that utilizes a unique construction to produce a durable, fade-resistant material. Selvedge denim is woven on traditional shuttle looms and will feature a colored edge (the selvedge) that shows off the unique properties of the fabric. Japan Blue Jeans, Oni denim.   Best Japanese Selvedge Denim

Best Japanese Selvedge Denim

Japanese Denim is known for its high quality and durability. Selvedge denim is one of the most popular types of Japanese denim, and it has been gaining popularity in the United States since the early 2000s. Selvedge refers to a method of weaving fabric that produces a selvage edge on both sides of the fabric. This edge can be seen on the inside waistband of jeans made with selvedge denim.

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Japan Blue Jeans

Japan Blue is a Japanese denim brand that specializes in denim and workwear. Japan Blue was established in 2011 by Hideharu Tagaya, the CEO of Denimio, who wanted to create high-quality jeans with a distinct Japanese aesthetic.

The first product released under the Japan Blue name was the JB0401 (now called the JB0401-H). The JB0401-H was designed as a modern take on two classic Levi’s jeans: the 501XX and 515XX. The JB0401-H features an 18 oz sanforized denim with slubby yarns for a vintage look and feel. The fabric is dyed using natural indigo dye rather than synthetic dye, giving it a unique appearance and fade pattern over time. The JB0401-H comes with flat fronted pockets, hidden rivets, and chain stitch hemming for added durability.

Since its release in 2011, Japan Blue has expanded its line into several different styles of jeans including raw denim models for both men and women as well as seasonal items such as chinos and shirts. In addition to their own designs, Japan Blue collaborates with other brands such as Momotaro on special edition jeans that are released each year around summertime.

Denim is a cotton fabric, traditionally blue in color, with a twill weave and visible vertical threads. It was originally associated with durable work garments; however, it has become popular for jeans and other styles of pants, jackets, shirts and shorts.

Denim is made from two types of yarn: warp or filling. Warp yarns are the “horizontal” or lengthwise threads that run through the length of the fabric aligned at 90 degrees to the selvage (edge). The filling yarns are the “vertical” or crosswise thread that runs up and down between the warp yarns. The weft passes under one warp at a time as it is woven through the fabric. The majority of denim is dyed blue but can be made in any color by mixing indigo dye with sulfur, which allows for various shades other than blue. 

Denim has a long history of being used in work wear because it has many qualities that make it ideal for this purpose. It has good tensile strength and is resistant to tearing while being relatively light weight making it comfortable to wear while doing strenuous activities such as farming or even working on cars which would require bib overalls or coveralls with multiple pockets for tools and other items needed when working on automobiles

Oni denim

Oni Denim is a Japanese denim brand that has been producing high-quality denim since 2003. The brand’s name comes from the word onigoro, which means “demon” in Japanese. The logo is a stylized version of the kanji character “鬼,” which is pronounced kon and means “demon.” The brand was founded by Kiya Babzani and his wife Aliya Izadpanah.

Babzani started out as an apprentice tailor when he was just 13 years old. He learned how to make jeans from his father, who owned his own factory in Tehran, Iran. After moving to England in 1986, Babzani worked for a number of different companies before founding Oni Denim in 2003 with his wife Aliya Izadpanah (who had studied fashion design at Central St Martin’s College).

In 2005, Oni Denim opened its first retail store in London’s Shoreditch neighborhood. In 2006 they opened their second retail store in Tokyo’s Harajuku district (which they later moved to Shinjuku), followed by another store in Ginza in 2007. At this point they also began making clothes for other brands such as Levi.

ONI DENIM is a Japanese denim brand, offering a wide range of premium jeans in both Men’s and Women’s.

ONI DENIM uses high quality materials to create jeans that are durable, comfortable and stylish. The brand has an extensive range of cuts and styles available for both men and women.

ONI DENIM has been featured in numerous fashion magazines around the world including Elle, Vogue and GQ magazine.

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