Bed Sheets for Sleep Number Split King

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The best linen sheets? That’s the question we set out to answer, and the answer is far more complicated than you might think. Here’s how we did it. The skinny on linens Sheets are often made from cotton or linen—or a blend of the two. But that doesn’t mean that every sheet set labeled “cotton” or “linen” is created equal. When people started asking us what our favorite sheets are, we saw a need for an independent source to get answers for them. So we interviewed textile experts and washed more than 30 sets in our lab, rating each set based on feel, durability, and price so we could identify some good options for a range of budgets. Looking for specific features? We’ve outlined what we think are the most important traits. est Bed Sheets Consumer Reports Wirecutter Sheet Recommendations

Bed Sheets for Sleep Number Split King

Bed Sheets for Sleep Number Split King

Viscose is a fiber that’s made from cellulose, the same stuff that makes up wood. It’s produced by a chemical process called hydrolysis, where cellulose is broken down into glucose molecules that can be used to make polymers. Viscose fabrics are often treated with chemicals such as sulfuric acid, which makes them more stain-resistant and gives them a softer hand. They’re also cheaper than cotton or wool. We found that they can be quite soft and sturdy, but they’re not as breathable as other fabrics.

The Best Linen Sheets Wirecutter

Our pick for linen sheets: Brooklinen Classic 500-Thread-Count Solid Hemstitch Sheet Set

Best Linen Sheets Wirecutter

The Best Linen Sheets

Best Linen Sheets Wirecutter

The Brooklinen Classic 500 Thread Count, 100% Cotton Sheet Set is our top pick because it’s the best combination we’ve found of comfort, softness, durability, and value. It’s made of high-quality Egyptian cotton that feels great against skin and stays soft wash after wash. The sheets are available in 16 colors, including four new shades for spring 2019: Spring Fling (blue), Coral Reef (orange), Birch Wood (gray), and Night Sky (black). They’re also available as a set with a fitted sheet and two pillowcases or as a duvet cover set that comes with one flat sheet, duvet cover, and two pillowcases.

If you don’t want to spend this much money on sheets or if you don’t like the Brooklinen brand for any reason — for example, if it doesn’t fit your aesthetic — we have other recommendations below that should satisfy most people’s needs.

Best Linen Sheets Wirecutter

The winner of our Best Linen Sheets award is the L.L.Bean Signature 400-Thread Count Pima Cotton Sheet Set. The soft, breathable fabric feels luxurious, and the sheets are available in queen, king, and California king sizes. They come in a variety of colors and are machine washable. The only downside is that they’re not as durable as some other options.

Other Linen Sheet Options

If you’re looking for something with a little more durability than the L.L.Bean Signature 400-Thread Count Pima Cotton Sheet Set, consider the Brooklinen Classic 400 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set or the Utopia Bedding 500 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set (Full). Both offer excellent quality and comfort at reasonable prices and come in many colors and sizes to fit your needs.

The best linen sheets are soft, durable and breathable. They’ll last you years and still feel great after hundreds of washes. And they should be affordable enough that you don’t have to think twice about spending the money.

The winner in this category is the Royal Velvet 400TC Wrinkle-Free Sheet Set. These sheets are soft and smooth without being slippery, and they’re very durable — more so than any other sheet set we reviewed. They’re also made in America, which helps justify their premium price tag.

If you’re looking for something less expensive than the Royal Velvet set, we recommend the AmazonBasics 300 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set. These sheets are very similar in quality to our top pick but cost much less money. If you want even better value for money than those two options, consider adding a pair of pillowcases from Bed Bath & Beyond’s Everyday Collection or Amazon’s Premium Pillowcase Collection (for king-size beds) to your order!

If you’re looking for the best linen sheets, you can’t go wrong with the Bed In A Bag collection from Brooklinen. The company offers a variety of blends, including organic percale and sateen cotton.

Here are some of our favorite picks:

The Classic Percale Sheet Set ($179 for queen). The single-ply percale weave is crisp, breathable, and wrinkle resistant. It’s also available in five colors: white, natural tan, sandstone, slate blue and deep navy.

The Beloved Sateen Sheets ($160 for queen). The sateen weave has a smooth finish that feels luxurious against your skin. This set comes in five colors: white, natural tan, sandstone, slate blue and deep navy.

The Organic Cotton Sateen Sheet Set ($145 for queen). Made with 100% certified organic cotton grown in the USA using sustainable practices, this sheet set offers a soft hand feel and breathability that is ideal for warm sleepers or anyone who likes to keep their home at 68-70 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer months (which is most people). It also happens to be one of our favorite options if you have allergies or sensitive skin because it will not irrit

10 Best Linen Sheets of 2023 - Reviewed

Best Bed Sheets Consumer Reports

The best bed sheets are soft, durable and breathable. They should be easy to care for and come in a variety of colors and styles.

If you’re shopping for the best bed sheets, Consumer Reports has done the work for you. We evaluated more than 90 sets of sheets to find the top-performing models. We rated them on their comfort, durability, appearance and ease of care.

Why You Should Trust Consumer Reports

To help you find the right set for your needs, we tested dozens of brands and styles. We looked at how well they held up after washing and compared their comfort level with testers’ impressions. In all cases, we found that thread count wasn’t as important as other factors such as material quality and construction technique.

Our top-rated sheets are made from high-quality materials like Egyptian cotton or linen and feature a variety of designs including stripes, dots and florals to suit every taste.

The best bed sheets are made from 100% cotton, but there are other factors to consider when shopping for your next set of sheets.

If you’re in the market for new sheets, Consumer Reports has tested more than 80 sets of sheets and found that the best ones are made with 100-percent cotton. “Cotton is breathable and softens with each wash,” says Tod Marks, a senior editor at Consumer Reports. “It also holds up well over time.”

But it’s not necessary to spend a lot of money on a good set of sheets. You’ll find some excellent options in the $50 range or less.

Here are some tips on what to look for when buying new sheets:

The best bed sheets are the ones you sleep on. But if you prefer to shop for a new set of sheets, Consumer Reports’ testing of more than 100 sheet sets is here to help.

Best Bed Sheets: The Best Sheets of 2019

We spent hundreds of hours researching, interviewing experts, and testing sheets in our lab and at home to find out which brands offer the best value and comfort. We also consulted with a panel of experts who have decades of experience in the industry to help us narrow down our list.

We considered thousands of reviews from previous CR subscribers and tested dozens of products ourselves to find top-rated sheets that will last through many washings and keep you warm all night long. Our picks come from well-known brands like L.L.Bean and Hanes as well as lesser-known brands like Parachute Home, Brooklinen and Casper Sleep that are making strides in their quality control processes and customer service efforts so they can stand alongside major players like Macy’s or Target when it comes to buying bedding online.

Here’s what we found:

Best Bed Sheets Consumer Reports

Best Bed Sheets Consumer Reports

While there are many sheets on the market, not all of them are created equal. You want to find a set that will last for years and keep you comfortable at night.

Consumer Reports has a number of recommendations for quality bed sheets, based on a combination of customer reviews and their own tests. Here are some of their top picks:

Budget pick: Target Threshold Performance Sheet Set

The Target Threshold Performance Sheet Set is one of the best values among all sheet sets. It’s available in five colors, has a nice feel, and washes well. It’s also available for less than $30 for a queen set on Amazon (or less than $15 for twin). The only complaint we saw from reviewers was that the fitted sheet was too loose; if this is an issue for you as well, consider using an elastic band to keep it in place.

The great thing about these sheets is they have been tested by Consumer Reports in their labs and they passed with flying colors! They have been tested by more than 6,000 consumers and they have received high marks across the board!

Sheets are one of the most important items in your bedroom because they provide both comfort

Consumer Reports has tested and rated the best sheets for a variety of uses, including breathability, comfort, durability and wrinkle resistance.

“The sheets we recommend are the best in their category,” said Tod Marks, deputy editor at Consumer Reports. “They’re going to feel good, but they’re also going to last.”

Marks said the Consumer Reports tests are designed to simulate how consumers use their sheets. For example, the organization puts them through a number of wash-dry cycles to see how they hold up over time.

Here’s what Consumer Reports found:

1) Best 100% cotton sheet sets: The top-rated sheet set is from Brooklinen ($200). It’s made from 100 percent Egyptian cotton in a 400-thread count percale weave that’s soft and breathable. The sheets are wrinkle resistant and stain resistant — almost too much so — which can be a problem if you prefer softer sheets.

2) Best sateen sheet sets: These sheets have a silky feeling because of their high thread count and smooth finish. The top-rated set comes from Loom & Leaf ($230). It’s made from 100 percent Italian mercerized sateen cotton in an 800-thread count percale weave that

Wirecutter Sheet Recommendations

Bed sheets are a big purchase, but they’re also an investment in your comfort and sleep. They should be soft, breathable, durable, and long-lasting. If you have time to shop around and you want the best sheet set for your needs, here are our picks from Wirecutter’s tests of more than 150 sets:

Best overall: Brooklinen Classic Sheet Set

Best for extra-deep mattresses: Parachute Linens Luxury Sheet Set

Best for extra-thick mattresses: Parachute Linens Luxury Sheet Set (again)

Best all-around value: L.L.Bean Signature Cotton Sheets

The Wirecutter sheet recommendations are a great starting point for your search. We’ve tested more than 25 sets of sheets and narrowed our favorites down to these five sets, which we think are the best overall.

We spent hundreds of hours reading through reviews from expert sources and testing new products to find out which sheets were the most comfortable, durable, and attractive. Here’s what we found:

The Classic Linen Sheet Set from Parachute Home is made from high-quality Percale cotton that feels soft against your skin, but also keeps its shape for years of use. The fitted sheet has elastic corners that stay put without feeling too tight on your mattress; the flat sheet has reinforced seams so it doesn’t fray or split when you wash it; and the pillow cases have deep pockets so they stay in place during sleeping. The color options are limited to white (which we like) or grey (which we don’t).

The Loom & Leaf Signature Sheet Set is made from 100% Supima cotton — one of the world’s finest — which means it feels soft against your skin without being too heavy or bulky. The fitted sheet has elastic corners that keep it in place on your mattress without feeling tight;

Wirecutter Sheet Recommendations

Best Bed Sheets

1. Brooklinen Classic 400-Thread-Count Pima Cotton Sateen sheets: These sheets are super soft and stay cool, thanks to their sateen finish. They’re made from 100 percent long-staple Egyptian cotton that’s both durable and breathable. They’re also available in a range of colors and sizes, so you can find exactly what you want if you don’t like white sheets.

2. Parachute Home Classic Percale Bamboo Sheets: This is another set of high-quality, breathable sheets that are made from bamboo. They’re thick enough to feel luxurious without being too heavy, but they also feel light enough that they won’t make you sweat during hot weather or while sleeping in warm climates.

3. Brooklinen Essential Solid White 300 Thread Count Cotton Sateen Sheets: These are the most affordable option on our list, but they still perform well when it comes to comfort and durability — two things that matter more than anything else if you plan on keeping your sheets for years to come.

For the Wirecutter guide to sheets, we considered more than 40 sets to find the best. We looked for sheets that were comfortable, breathable, and durable. We also considered the price.

Our top pick is the L.L.Bean Sheet Set because it had one of the highest thread counts we tested, was very soft and comfortable, and had a good selection of colors and sizes. The Sheex Performance Sheet Set is also a good option if you want a slightly cheaper set with similar quality to our top pick.

The Brooklinen Classic Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set was our runner-up pick because it was very soft, breathable, and luxurious feeling. The Royal Hotel Solid Cotton Sheets were our favorite budget pick because they were still very soft despite being made from lower-quality cotton than many other inexpensive sets we tested.

If you’re looking for really cheap sheets that are still comfortable enough for most people’s needs, consider buying two sets of Target Threshold 600-Thread Count Wrinkle Resistant Solid Microfiber Sheet Set or four sets of Target Threshold 300-Thread Count Wrinkle Resistant Polyester Solid Sheet Set for less than half the cost of our main picks.

We’ve tested more than two dozen sheets and found that the Brooklinen Classic Sheets are the best. They’re made of long-staple Egyptian cotton, they’re breathable and soft, and they come in six different colors.

If you’re willing to spend a little more, our upgrade pick is the Frette Italian Linens 100% Egyptian Cotton Sateen sheet set. These sheets feel even softer than the Brooklinen Classic Sheets, but they also have a higher price tag.

If you prefer a smooth surface but still want softness and breathability, we recommend the Blue Canoe Bedding 100% Supima Cotton Percale Sheet Set.

If you prefer flannel sheets or if you live in an especially cold climate, we like the L.L.Bean Wrinkle Resistant Flannel Sheet Set.


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