Banarasi Price

Saree is historically the most popular clothing for women in India. Saree is femininity at its best and is designed with sublime craftsmanship. From traditional Banarasi sarees to contemporary Chikankari sarees, you will be spoilt for choice when looking for an Indian saree. Leheriya’s collection of designer sarees covers all the latest trends including off white bridal sarees, kundan embroidery, Sui dhaaga, Anarkali suits and Banarasi saree collection. Leheriya Banarasi Georgette Saree

Flaring long and royally beaded, leheriya banarasi sarees are a simply breathtaking garment to behold. Divinely crafted with exquisite detailing at every step, Leheriya banarasi sarees convey an aura of opulence and spice that is bound to captivate the audience. Steeped in regal history, Leheriya banarasi sarees represent a bygone era of royal grandeur. They have been popular for centuries for their supreme elegance and enduring durability. Hand woven using centuries old techniques and materials like zari, zardozi and kora the beauty and artistry is unparalleled. Bridal Katan Banarasi Saree Price

Leheriya Banarasi Saree (also known as Banarsi or Banarasi silk sari) is one of the expensive attires and is a traditional wear of India. These Sarees are made by expert weavers of Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. They have a long history that is associated with the ancient era, when people used to send special pieces of clothes for religious festivals and for other ceremonies. The evolution of these sarees began in 1960s when large factories started making these sarees on a mass scale.

Banarasi Price

Banarasi Price

Leheriya is a very popular silk saree in Banaras. The saree has a unique design and comes with a beautiful red color. The saree is made with pure silk fabric and is available at an affordable price. It has been designed with an exquisite work of art that makes it look more beautiful. This Leheriya Banarasi Saree is made with pure silk fabric and has an elegant look. It also comes with traditional patterns and designs along with some intricate embroidery work on the borders and pallu. The pallu has two layers of lace work that makes it look more eye-catching when worn.

Leheriya Banarasi Saree is a traditional Indian attire made from silk and zari. The saree is mostly worn by women for celebrating festivals, marriage ceremonies, and other functions. It has been made by skilled craftsmen using high-quality fabrics, which make it comfortable to wear. The saree features a fancy border that adds more beauty to it.

Leheriya Banarasi Saree is one of the most popular sarees in the state of Uttar Pradesh. It is a part of the Banarasi saree collection and has been made famous all over the country for its beauty and finesse.

The Leheriya Banarasi Saree is made with pure silk fabric that has been woven in beautiful patterns with gold thread. The gold thread adds an element of richness to this particular saree which makes it even more popular among women all over India.

The Leheriya Banarasi Saree comes in different colors such as pink, red, green and yellow. Each color has its own unique charm which makes it look even more attractive than any other saree in the market today.

Leheriya Banarasi Saree is one of the most popular and beautiful sarees. This saree has a very good demand in India and also abroad. This saree is made in Banaras, Uttar Pradesh. It is very much famous for its traditional touch. The main attraction of this saree is that it has floral patterns on it. This pattern gives a traditional look to the wearer and makes them look more beautiful and elegant.

This saree is available in many colors like blue, red, pink, green and many other colors which are liked by all women. The cost of this saree varies from Rs 1000 to Rs 15000 depending upon the design and quality of fabric used for making this saree.

Banarasi Sarees are famous for their rich and royal look. Banarasi sarees are made of pure silk or cotton and they come with a lot of embroidery work on them. The beautiful designs on the sarees make them even more attractive.

Leheriya Banarasi Saree is one such Banarasi saree that has been made by the hands of expert craftsmen and is known for its intricate designs and patterns. A Leheriya Banarasi Saree is a piece of art and will make you look stunning in it.

The features of a Leheriya Banarasi Saree:

1) A Leheriya Banarasi Saree is made up of pure silk or cotton material which makes it light in weight as well as comfortable to wear. The fabric used in making these sarees is very fine and soft which makes them comfortable to wear during summer season as well as winter season.

2) The embroidery work done on these sarees makes them look very elegant and attractive at the same time. These embroidered patterns will catch your attention at first glance itself!

3) The design pattern of a Leheriya

Leheriya Banarasi Georgette Saree

This leheriya saree is made of georgette with a beautiful work. The pallu is weave with a beautiful work and the border is also done with a floral motif. It has a matching blouse piece to complete the look.

Note: No Customization Available

This beautiful saree is made of pure georgette material, with a linear and subtle pattern. The pallu and border are handcrafted with beautiful embroidery. It comes with a matching blouse piece, which can be worn on its own or with any other suitable blouse.

This Banarasi saree is appropriate for every occasion, from weddings to festive events and gala functions. You can also pair this saree with a kurti or churidar to give it a more ethnic look.

Ladies saree is one of the most important accessories in every women’s wardrobe. It can make a big difference on your look and personality. Sarees are available in various designs, styles and fabrics to suit every need and style.

The leheriya Banarasi georgette saree is a traditional style with an intricate embroidered border on the top and bottom. The leheriya Banarasi georgette sarees are available in many different colours and designs that you can choose from.

The leheriya Banarasi georgette saree has a beautiful flowing appearance with a long length that is perfect for any occasion. This unusual design makes it perfect for any occasion where you want to get noticed by all eyes but not too much attention!

Leheriya is a traditional Banarasi saree with a twist. It has the traditional style, but it has some modern elements like the lace work on the border and the pallu. This leheriya saree has a lot of silk in it, so it’s quite heavy. It’s a great option for women who want to look elegant, but don’t want to wear something heavy.

Leheriya banarasi georgette saree is a traditional saree with a gorgeous hand-laid pattern and fabric. It has a textured look and feel to it which makes it one of the best looking sarees in the market. The leheriya banarasi georgette saree is designed with a matching blouse piece that comes with this set. This leheriya banarasi georgette saree comes in a variety of shades and you can choose from light pink, pure white, cream and many more shades to suit your personality and style.

This leheriya banarasi georgette saree is made from 100% cotton material which makes this set very comfortable while wearing it. The material used for making this set is quite durable as well which makes it last long without any damage or tear due to regular use. It also comes in different sizes according to your body measurements so that you get the perfect fit for your body shape as well.

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Bridal Katan Banarasi Saree Price

Bridal katan banarasi saree price ranges from Rs 18000/- to Rs 25000/-

Katan Banarasi Saree Price in India

Katan Banarasi Saree Price in India is Rs.18000-25000 for a 5 yards saree. The price of the saree depends on the design and fabric quality. According to the latest collection, the average cost of Katan Banarasi Saree is Rs.20400.

Bridal katan banarasi saree price

The katan is a traditional bridal attire for the women in India. The katan has a long history, which can be traced back to the ancient period. The traditional katan was made from pure silk or cotton fabric, which was hand woven and hand embroidered with rich zari threads and stones. The katans were usually worn by the royal families and they were considered as one of the most expensive garments that could be owned by any family.

Today, there are many types and styles of katans available in various colors and designs. The modern day katan also finds its use in bridal attires as well as other traditional functions like mehndi functions, engagement ceremonies etc. The modern day katans are usually made up of net material or georgette fabric with heavy embellishments on them like sequins, beads, zari work etc. These days, you can find beautiful designs for your bridal katan online at online stores like at very low prices.

The katan is a very important part of the wedding outfit. It is worn with a Banarasi saree and it gives an elegant look to the bride. The katan is actually a bodice, which is stitched to the saree. It has an opening from front and back and is worn by slipping it over the head. The opening in front can be stitched or left open according to the requirement.

The price of a Banarasi Kantha Saree depends on various factors such as fabric used, design, color and work done on it. The cost of katan varies from Rs 3000/- onwards depending upon the work done on it.

The price of katan varies depending upon its material, design and work done on it:

Fabric: Cotton Silk Georgette Chiffon Dupion Silk Brocade Satin Velvet Wool Lining: Cotton Silk Georgette Chiffon Dupion Silk Brocade Satin Velvet Wool Embellishment: Zari Lace Kundan Work Embroidery Pochampally Work Heavy Stone Work

Bridal katan banarasi sarees are worn mainly by women in India and other Asian countries. They are worn to weddings, family functions and religious events. The designs of these sarees are very elegant and attractive. These sarees can be worn for any occasion, but the traditional ones are mostly worn for special occasions.

Bridal katan banarasi sarees have a lot of colors and designs. There are many types of katan banarasi sarees available in the market today; some are made of silk and some are made of cotton. The silk ones are usually more expensive than the cotton ones because they wear longer and do not lose their color easily like cotton ones do. You can find these saree online as well as offline at various stores across the world.

Bridal katan banarasi sarees is sari which is worn by married women in traditional occasions. These sarees are made of pure fabrics like silk and cotton. The main design of this saree is the digital print of flowers, leaves, birds and peacocks. The border of the saree is usually decorated with gold or silver zari work.

Bridal katan banarasi sarees price depends on the embroidery work on the borders and blouse as well as on the material used for making it.

It is available in different sizes like 6 yards, 8 yards, 9 yards and 10 yards.



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