Search Plugins For WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms available. It’s also one of the easiest to use and customize. But even with all these features, there’s still room for improvement.

Plugins can help you improve your WordPress site in many ways: from making it more secure to adding extra functionality that makes your life easier. We’ve created a list of some of our favorite plugins for WordPress that will improve your blog and make it more effective at doing what it’s meant to do – help you reach your audience!

10 Best WordPress Search Plugins

Search Plugins For WordPress

SearchWP is a free WordPress search engine plugin. It’s a full fledged search engine that allows you to create and customize your own search engine in WordPress.

The plugin comes with many features like indexing, searching and using smart filters to find posts, pages and other content. It also has the ability to search through categories and tags, which makes it more powerful than other plugins.

WordPress Advanced Search

WordPress Advanced Search is another great search plugin that you can use for your website. This plugin adds an advanced search box at the end of your post listings screen. The advanced search box allows users to filter their results by categories, tags, dates etc. This helps users get better results when they are looking for something specific on your website.

Post Search Plugin WordPress

This is another simple yet effective plugin for searching posts on your website. It adds an extra field in your post listings page where users can enter keywords or phrases that they want to search for within their posts. Once they enter the keyword or phrase they want to find posts related to it will show up below their search query as well as on their home page feed of posts so that users can find them easily

WordPress Search Plugins.

The following are the best free search plugins for WordPress. They come with a lot of useful features and functionalities to help you create an effective search engine on your website.

1) SearchWP

2) Post Finder

3) Advanced Search WP Plugin

4) Ivory Search Plugin

There are many search plugins available for WordPress. Some of them are free, while others have to be purchased. However, they all serve the same purpose – helping you to make your site more search engine friendly.

Here are some of the best free search plugins for WordPress:

SearchWP is a simple, easy-to-use set of tools that help you improve your site’s search results. It offers a wide range of features that allow you to customize your search results in many different ways without having to edit any code yourself. You can use it to add advanced filters on your posts and pages so that only specific posts show up in the search results, or even just certain parts of posts (such as titles or meta descriptions). You can also modify how your post titles appear in the search results by using the “title template” option which allows you to display custom text in place of your post title (e.g., “Search Results for [keyword]”). And if you want to display different content when someone is viewing your site from an external source (i.e., not logged into WordPress) then you can use this plugin’s “Noindex Pages and Posts” feature which will automatically remove those pages from

SearchWP is a free, complete search solution for WordPress.

It includes a powerful set of features, including:

Google Custom Search Engine

Advanced indexing and search filters

Indexer API to integrate with other services

Search API to build custom queries and results pages

Query builder UI for building advanced searches without writing code

Full-text indexing and searching of posts, pages, comments, custom post types and more using Elasticsearch.

Many of the popular WordPress themes use the search functionality. But what if you want to use a custom search form in your theme?

In this article, we’ll show you how to add a custom search field to your WordPress website. We’ll also tell you which are the best free WordPress search plugins and how they can help you improve your site’s search feature.

Best free search plugin for wordpress

SearchWP is a powerful and simple to use search plugin for WordPress. You can use it to search your posts and pages with ease, or even create custom searches. SearchWP comes with a lot of useful features, including the ability to set up multiple indexes (e.g. indexing specific categories only), different settings per index, and more.

WordPress Advanced Search Plugin

The Advanced Search Plugin for WordPress is a must-have for any WordPress website that has many products or content types to make available on the site. It allows you to create custom searches that will help you narrow down the results by category, author, post type and more. You can also add filters to your search results so that you can find exactly what you are looking for in seconds!

10 of the Best Free and Premium WordPress Search Plugins

Post Search Plugin WordPress

If you want more control over how your posts are displayed on your site then this post search plugin is definitely worth looking into! The Post Search Pro plugin allows you to create custom searches so that users can easily find what they are looking for on your site without having to do all of the searching themselves! This plugin also includes an advanced interface which allows users

SearchWP is a WordPress search plugin that allows you to add a search box to your website. The plugin has many features, such as excluding posts from the search results and searching posts in specific categories.

The Post Search Plugin is a simple and lightweight plugin that lets you add a search box to your website. You can choose which fields you want to display in the search bar, and it also supports wildcards.

Ivory Search Plugin

Ivory Search is an advanced search plugin for WordPress that allows you to create powerful custom searches on your site. It’s easy to set up, with just a few clicks, but it offers lots of advanced options if you need them.

SearchWP is the best free search plugin for WordPress. It’s easy to set-up, has a ton of features and is super fast. It’s a search engine for your website that works with Google Custom Search, Bing Custom Search and Algolia (as well as Elasticsearch). The only problem is that it doesn’t come with many customization options out of the box. However, it does have a lot of hooks that you can use to customize it to your liking.

Post Search

This plugin is quite different from the other plugins in this list because it doesn’t let you search posts by keywords or author name. Instead, it allows users to search by post date or category. I like this plugin because it’s simple but useful for certain purposes such as finding recently published articles on your site or searching for posts about specific topics within an individual category.

Ivory Search is another great free plugin with similar features to SearchWP but without as many customization options (or hooks). You can set up multiple custom searches using different engines like Google Custom Search, Bing Custom Search and Algolia (as well as Elasticsearch). It also allows you

Best Free WordPress Search Plugins

SearchWP is a free and easy to setup search engine for your website. The plugin provides a powerful AJAX-based searching interface that allows you to create separate search forms and even multiple search engines on your website.

The plugin is built on the popular Solr engine, which powers many of the world’s largest enterprise search applications. It even has an option to create your own search index without having to configure anything yourself!

Post Search Plugin is a premium WordPress plugin that helps you add advanced search functionality onto your blog or website with ease. It gives you the possibility to search posts by their title or content and sort them by date or category.

Ivory Search Plugin is a free WordPress plugin that lets you add fast, powerful and flexible full-text search capabilities to any website. It offers an easy-to-use interface and configuration options that allow you to customize its features according to your needs.

It comes with several useful features such as: autocompletion functionality, highlighting and results ordering based on relevance factors such as title, author name, date etc..

The best WordPress search plugin is the one that meets your needs. There are a lot of different options available, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

Post Search Plugin

The Post Search Plugin by Tom Ewer enables you to easily find posts on your site using multiple parameters. You can search for posts based on tags, categories, custom fields, links and more. The plugin also supports MySQL full-text searches as well as keyword highlighting. It also includes an AJAX search box to allow users to search your site without leaving their current page.


SearchWP is a premium WordPress search engine plugin that comes with lots of extra features including support for multi-site installs, geolocation and more. It supports full-text indexing and advanced querying as well as caching of results so that searches don’t slow down your site too much. You can also create custom post types for things like events or products which SearchWP will index automatically when you create new posts in those custom post types.

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