Interior french doors with arched transom

Interior french doors with arched transom

Interior french doors with arched transom

French doors with arched transom go well in any type of decor because they are clean and elegant. They were incredibly popular during the 1950s, but even until today, people still choose this classic design that’s both practical and beautiful. Several of my clients wanted a set of French doors for their homes, but didn’t want to compromise on their style and practicality.

French doors with an arched transom are an awesome combination. The combination is one of the most favorite door styles for foyers and homes. The benefit of using French doors with an archway transom is it opens up your home to endless possibilities. French doors are one of the most fashionable styles of door, which can add a touch of elegance to any room in your home. Whether you choose to have an open or closed interior French door will depend on your preference and the space available. While having French doors on both sides of a room may offer an illusion of spaciousness, an open door requires some planning.

Interior french doors with arched transom

Interior french doors with arched transom

There are many interior french doors with arched transom that you can choose from. It is important to know what size of door will be appropriate for the space you have available. Interior French doors come in a variety of sizes ranging from 36″ to 60″ wide, and from 36″ to 84″ high. The width of the door should always be greater than the height of the door. If you have an existing opening that is not square, you may need to alter your opening to make it fit properly.

You should also consider what type of hardware you want on your interior french doors with arched transom. There are several options available including: pre-hung (where the hardware is already installed), self-closing, or double-hung (which open on both sides). If you want pre-hung hardware, then it’s important that your door frame is spaced at least 1/8″ wider than the actual door frame opening so that it can swing open without hitting any walls or other obstructions in its path.

French doors with arched transoms are particularly suited to interiors with a traditional feel. They provide the classic elegance of your French doors with more light and a more open view than standard French doors.

French doors with arched transoms are constructed with one fixed panel and one swinging panel. The frame is made of wood, aluminum or steel and has an arched top and bottom rail, which also serves as the transom. The glass panes are set into the frame on both sides and held in place by interior mullions on each side of the door.

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French doors can be ordered in any size, but they come standard in three widths: 2 feet (61 cm), 3 feet (91 cm) or 4 feet (122 cm). The height varies depending on whether you order them prehung (installed in an opening that’s already been framed out) or rough openings (for installation into an unfinished wall).

Interior french doors are a great way to add light, space and style to any room. They’re also a great way to divide up a large space, or add privacy to a living room or bedroom.

Interior french doors come in a variety of styles and sizes that can fit almost any application. The most common size for interior french doors is 30 inches by 80 inches (this size will fit an average-sized door frame). If you need something larger, we also carry 36 inch by 84 inch interior french doors, as well as 36 inch by 140 inch exterior French doors (which are designed for exterior use).

French doors can be made of wood or aluminum. Aluminum French doors are lighter and easier to maintain than wood French doors. They also have a cleaner look because they have no visible hinges. Wood French doors are more expensive than aluminum, but they last longer and look more traditional in some homes.

French doors come with either one or two panels so you can choose which style best fits your home’s décor

Interior French doors are built to fit any width, height and depth of opening. They come in several standard sizes such as 36″ wide by 80″ high; 36” wide by 84” high; 38” wide by 84” high; 40” wide by 84” high; 42” wide by 84” high; 44” wide by 84” high; 46” wide by 84” high. The side panels are available in lengths of 6′ up to 12′ and the top rail is 2′ above the door frame.

Interior French doors can be custom made for any size opening or space requirement. Choose from several options for style, color and glass options that best fit your needs and budget.

Interior French Door Sizes

French doors are also available in a wide range of sizes and styles. The most common size is 36 inches wide, but if you have specific needs, there are also 34-inch models and even smaller versions. The height can be adjusted too, with some models reaching up to 7 feet tall (or more).

If you have any questions about selecting the right size for your space, contact us. We’ll be happy to help.

Interior french doors are designed to be used as a set of double doors. They come in a variety of sizes and styles. You can choose from the classic French, country and colonial styles.

What Sizes Do Interior French Doors Come In

Interior french doors are available in many different sizes to fit your needs. The most common size for interior french doors is 36″ x 82″, but there are other options available as well:

36″ x 80″ – This is the most popular size for interior french doors because it fits standard doorways without any problems and gives you enough room for a small walkway on either side of the door.

38″ x 80″- If your space is a little wider than normal then this would be an excellent choice because it gives you more extra space on either side of the door… just in case!

36″ x 84″- This size is perfect if you’re looking for something that will look great with high ceilings because it makes the room seem taller than it actually is!

Interior French doors are one of the most popular options for entryways, kitchens and more. They are available in a wide range of styles, so it’s important to know what size interior french doors you need before you start shopping.

French doors can be hard to measure and fit because they are typically a custom fit for each opening. The best way to get the right size for your home is to measure the opening and then compare those measurements with the specifications of the door you are considering purchasing. The next step is figuring out what style of interior french door is right for your space.

The most common interior french door sizes include:

33″ x 83″ or 34″ x 83″ – These standard sizes include a single panel on both sides of the door frame, with no transom in between them. This option works well if you want an unobstructed view from one room into another without sacrificing too much space inside your walls or ceiling.

34″ x 82″- This standard width includes two panels on both sides of the door frame, with no transom in between them. This option works well if you want an unobstructed view from one room into another without sacrificing too much space inside your walls or ceiling

Interior French Doors come in many different sizes. The size of the door will depend on the width and height of the opening, as well as how much space you have to work with.

Interior French Doors can be made to fit any size opening and come in a variety of shapes, styles and colors.

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The most common sizes for interior french doors are:

4’6″ x 6’8″ – This size is ideal for smaller openings such as a closet or small bathroom. This size also works well when paired with an arched top.

5′ x 7′ – This is the most common size that most people choose when they want to add some extra light into their home through french doors. It’s also a good choice if you have a larger area that needs access from two rooms without having to open both doors at once (which would take up too much space).

6′ x 8′ – This size is ideal for larger areas that need two access points or if you want to make sure there’s enough room for chairs or other furniture next to your new entry way!

There are many types of French doors that can be used for your home. You can choose from a variety of styles, sizes and designs to get exactly what you want.

In this post we will talk about the different types of interior french doors and how they differ. We will also talk about the different sizes that you can get these in, so that you can find one that fits your needs perfectly.

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What Types of French Doors Are There

There are many different types of french doors available but not all of them are suitable for use as an interior door. Only certain ones will work well inside your home and here is a list of some of the most popular ones:

Traditional French Doors – These are usually made from wood or metal and have two panels that open outwards. They come in a number of different sizes but generally range from 6 feet wide up to 10 feet wide. They are usually quite expensive but if you want something different then this is probably the best option for you.

Interior French doors come in several sizes, but they are usually limited by the height of your ceiling.

French doors are a beautiful way to bring natural light into a room or create a seamless look between two areas.

The most common sizes of interior french doors are:

36″ x 74″

42″ x 84″

48″ x 88″

54″ x 94″.

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