How to make window boxes out of pallets

Making window boxes out of pallets is a great idea to be used for flower decorations. Here are the instructions you need.

You can build a window box of your own and costs very little to do so. Window boxes are extremely pretty decorations that could be added on to every room of your home. Building this has many benefits, it will make the house look nice and more appealing (especially for those buyers), it can help prevent pests from entering the home and you may even attract some beautiful, rare birds to visit you;)How to make window boxes out of pallets

How to make window boxes out of pallets

Making a raised pallet planter box is easy, and it’s an excellent way to upcycle old pallets. All you need are some basic tools and supplies, plus a little bit of time.


2 wooden pallets

Twine or rope

Screws or nails (optional)


Saw or handsaw* or miter saw*—depending on the size and shape of your window box, you may need to cut down some of the sides of the pallet in order to make them fit into place. You could also use a jigsaw if you don’t have a saw handy.

Hammer*—if you’re using screws instead of nails, you’ll need this to drive them into place.

I love pallets and I love window boxes, so naturally I was inspired to make a DIY raised pallet planter box. This is one of my favorite projects, because it’s easy, inexpensive and makes a big impact in your yard or home.

I’ve seen pallet planters made with the slats facing up and down, but I personally prefer the look of them facing outwards. That way you get more of an open airy feel, rather than a dark enclosed one.

Make a pallet planter for small spaces - Sustainability Trust WellingtonMaterials:

Pallets (I used two different sizes)

Drill/drill bit (whatever size your screws are)

Wood glue (optional)

Wire brush/file/sander (optional)

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I love window boxes. I have them on every single one of my windows, and I can never have enough! They add so much character to any home and are a great way to add some greenery to your space without taking up too much room.

But sometimes you want something a little more interesting than just a plain old window box. You want something that’s unique and a little more rustic, but you don’t want to spend a ton of money on it either. Well, I’m here to tell you that you can make your own pallet planter box for less than $10!

This project is so easy that even if you have zero DIY experience, you can pull it off! All you need are some pallets, some plants and soil and some paint (if desired).


6-8 pallets (make sure they are in good shape)**

Screws (optional)

Paint (optional)

The pallet planter box is a great way to add color, texture and interest to your yard. It’s also a fun project to build with your kids!

This window box is made from repurposed pallets that are painted green and fit together like a puzzle. A raised bed was built in the middle of the pallets and filled with soil. The finished product looks great next to the house and provides some extra color for spring.


4 2x8s

4 2x4s

4 2x6s

8 1x4s (optional)

How to make window boxes out of pallets

This DIY pallet window box is a great way to bring some color and life to your home.

You can make this project in less than an hour and it will cost you very little money. The best part is that you can use any size or shape of pallet you | Pallet Planter DIY: Hop to Make a Planter Out of Pallets


Wooden pallets (you can get them for free from your local stores)

Power drill

Screws, nails and wood glue (if necessary)


Jigsaw or circular saw (optional)

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