How to build a pergola over deck

How to build a pergola over deck

If you’re in the process of building your deck, you might be wondering how to build a pergola over it. This is a question that can be answered in two ways: either you already have the pergola planned out and are ready to start building it (which, if you don’t know how to build a pergola, or why you would want to, shouldn’t be reading this blog. Pergolas take quite a bit of expertise in carpentry and structural engineering) or you don’t have a pergola planned yet, are turned onto the idea now that I’ve mentioned it, and are looking for more information so that you can figure it out.

A couple of months ago I mentioned on Twitter that I might be selling my deck. Before we could put the deck up for sale, my wife pretty much exploded at me. My wife looked at me with those cute yet disapproving looking eyes and told me that I was NOT allowed to sell the deck.How to build a pergola over deck

How to build a pergola over deck

A pergola is a beautiful addition to your outdoor living area. It can be used as an arch, a covered walkway or a place to sit and relax. You can also use it to create privacy in an open space.

Step 1

Measure the height of your deck from the bottom up to determine where you want to mount the posts. The top of each post should be at least 3 feet above the deck surface for best results.

Step 2

Use two-by-four boards to build two frames for each end of your pergola. Each frame will have two posts, one board that spans between them horizontally and another board that spans vertically between them at the top end of the structure (see Photo). Use nails and screws to secure these boards together.

Step 3

Measure down from the top of each post so that they extend 6 inches below the bottom edge of your pergola and mark them with pencil marks on all four sides of both frames (see Photo). This will be the depth of your footings, which you’ll dig into the ground below where you’re installing your pergola’s posts. Measure down again by another 4 inches and mark these spots too; this will give you room for dirt around

Deck Pergola

A deck pergola is an excellent choice for small backyards and patios, or for adding shade where there isn’t much room for large trees. A deck pergola can also be used to cover a patio, even if it’s not supported by posts underneath. The structure can also be built in place instead of being attached to the decking itself.

Ground Pergola

You may have seen a ground-level pergola in your neighborhood park or along the street in front of someone’s house. These are easy to build once you get the hang of it, but they do require some tools and skills that may not be obvious at first glance!

If you have a deck, you can build a pergola over it. A pergola is an open structure that provides shade, protection from the elements and a decorative focal point for your backyard. Pergolas can be built using wood or PVC pipe and plastic lattice.

Step 1 Measure the length of your deck and calculate how long each side of your pergola should be to cover it completely. For example, if you have a 15-foot-long deck, each side of your pergola should be at least 15 feet long.

Step 2 Mark the spots where each upright post will go on one end of the deck. Use stakes or boards to hold them in place while you dig holes deep enough so they won’t tip over when filled with concrete.

Step 3 Dig holes deep enough so that when filled with concrete, they are level with the top of the deck boards or slightly lower than that height if there are posts on top of them (as shown in Step 1).

Step 4 Pour concrete into each hole until it fills it about halfway up; tamp down with a tamping tool until firm around the post and let dry overnight before continuing with Step 5.

A pergola is a great way to add shade, privacy and style to your deck. You can build a pergola for your deck yourself, or you can hire someone to do the work. Either way, here’s what you need to know to get started:Pergola Ideas for Revamping Your Deck | Trex® Furniture

Step 1: Determine the size and location of your pergola.

Step 2: Build the post base.

Step 3: Build the support beams.

Step 4: Install your rafters (optional).

Step 5: Attach your roof panels.

A pergola is a great way to add extra space to your deck. It can provide shade and cover from rain, snow or wind. A pergola can also be used as a decorative piece for your deck, as it often features ornate columns and beams.

To build a pergola over your deck, you need to first decide what type of material you want to use for the frame of the pergola. If you have treated wood available, this is probably the best option because it will last longer than other materials and it will be easier to work with than metal pipes or PVC pipe. If you don’t have any wood available, you can use metal pipes or PVC pipe instead.Deck & Pergola Construction Ideas | Polka Dot Chair | Deck with pergola,  Pergola, Pergola patio

A pergola will usually consist of two posts at each end, with one post in the middle where they intersect at right angles. The posts are usually joined by beams that span between them at right angles and these beams are then covered by wooden planks (sometimes called lattice) or trelliswork to make up the roof structure of your pergola. You may also want to consider adding extra support posts underneath your pergola if there are places where it sags or droops due to its weight.

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