How to build a fire pit on concrete

In this instructable I will show you how to build a fire pit on concrete patio. Fire relaxes your mind after a hard day’s work, also cooks an excellent dish, if it is well prepared. Many food items can be cooked in barbecue and some of them are mentioned below in the list. Fire is an entertainment that not only adults but also children enjoy very much. When family members sit around a fire, they form a bond of unity that cannot be compared with anything else. Sharing a meal, relaxing with family and having fun together form the core of building strong relationships between members.

There are no shortage of DIY patio projects you can try on your own, but outdoor fire pits on concrete patios present a unique challenge. Not only do you have to secure materials to the ground, but you have to reinforce the concrete itself. But with the right tools and materials, creating the perfect outdoor fire-pit can be an achievable weekend project.How to build a fire pit on concrete

How to build a fire pit on concrete

Building a fire pit on concrete is easy to do. In this tutorial, you will learn how to build a fire pit on concrete patio. If you have an existing concrete patio, then you can just remove the old patio bricks and replace them with pavers. If you’re building a new concrete patio for your fire pit, then follow the steps below for a large concrete bowl.

Step 1: Install Drainage

Before you begin laying the pavers, install a drainage layer in the bottom of your fire pit. This layer will allow water to drain out of your fire pit so that it doesn’t pool up and cause problems later on down the road.

Step 2: Lay Pavers Around the Edge of Your Concrete Bowl

Begin by laying pavers around the edge of your concrete bowl. You’ll want to use smaller pavers (1x2s) so that they fit tightly together without any gaps in between them. Continue installing these smaller pavers until they reach about halfway up wall of your fire pit bowl; this should leave enough room for an additional layer of larger pavers later on down the road!

Step 3: Lay Large Pavers Around The Concrete Bowl’s Interior Wall

Now that

Step 1: Choose a location for the fire pit.

Choose a location for your fire pit that will be in clear view of your patio and back yard, but not in the way of any doors or windows. The best location is on concrete, but you can also use brick pavers if you have them. Avoid placing the fire pit directly on top of grass because this will require more maintenance as it needs to be kept clear of any leaves or other debris that may fall into it.

Step 2: Dig out a hole for the base of your fire pit bowl.

Use a shovel to dig out a large enough hole for your fire pit bowl to sit in comfortably. If you plan to build a large concrete fire pit bowl then make sure you expand this hole so that it has at least two feet of clearance around all sides and then add another foot or so extra on each side just to be safe. This extra room will allow room for water runoff when you fill your bowl with water later on in this process so that nothing gets trapped underneath it after installation is complete.

Step 3: Pour concrete into the hole until it is level with top edge of hole (or slightly higher if desired).

Once you have dug out enough space to hold your desired size concrete

Fire pits are a great way to add ambiance, warmth and light to your patio. They can also be used as a cooking appliance as well. Whether you have an existing concrete patio or are installing one, building a fire pit is easy and can be done in three simple steps.DIY Fire Pit - How to Build a Patio Fire Pit - How to Nest for Less™

1. Cut the bottom of the concrete form to fit around the area where you want to build your fire pit bowl.

2. Pour the concrete into the form and let it cure for about 24 hours before removing it from the base and cleaning up any excess cement with a trowel or shovel.

3. Add decorative rocks around the outside edge of the bowl until you achieve the desired look for your patio area

I have a large concrete patio with a small area next to my house that is exposed to the elements. I want to build a fire pit there, but I don’t want it to be too high profile. Is there a way to make it more like a bowl and less like an island?

I’m trying to figure out how to build one on concrete. I want to make it pretty low profile so as not to create a trip hazard if someone has to walk around it at night. It’s also in an exposed part of my yard so I want it stable enough that kids can play on it without having the worry about it collapsing under them.

I’ve seen some really nice fire pits online but they all seem like they are built from stone or brick which is expensive and heavy (not good if you have kids running around).

So far I have considered using concrete blocks as the base then covering them with some type of paving stone but this will still be very heavy compared with what I see online. Also, it seems like this would be difficult for me since I don’t have any experience working with concrete blocks (or anything else other than wood).

Building a concrete fire pit is a great way to add some style and functionality to your backyard. Whether you’re entertaining guests or just enjoying time with the family, a fire pit can be a great addition.

Building a concrete fire pit is not difficult, but it does require some preparation. Follow these steps to build your own concrete fire pit:

1. Level the ground where you want to build your fire pit by using a level and shoveling dirt into low areas until the ground is even.

2. Dig out the area for your fire bowl so that it is larger than the bottom of your metal fire ring (the part of the ring that sits directly on top of the concrete). Add dirt as needed until both circles are at least 2 inches wider than the metal ring itself.

3. Mix up your cement according to package instructions (usually about 1 part cement for every 3 parts water) and then pour it into your hole until it’s about 1/4 inch below grade level all around (where grass would be).

Making a concrete fire bowl is a great way to add an element of safety and beauty to your patio or backyard.

You can make a fire pit out of almost any material, but concrete is durable and easy to clean. It also looks great with most designs.

Here’s how to make a concrete fire pit bowlDIY Fire Pit - How to Build a Patio Fire Pit - How to Nest for Less™

1. Choose the area for your new fire pit. You’ll need about four feet by five feet of space for the concrete slab, plus room for people to sit around it comfortably. If you’re going to be using this as an outdoor kitchen, you may want it outfitted with seating, storage and cooking equipment, too. Be sure that your new concrete fire pit will fit in the space you’ve chosen before proceeding with this project!

2. Mark out where your home improvement project will go by measuring its dimensions on the ground and marking them with spray paint or chalk lines so they’re easy to see when the slab is poured over them later on in step 4 below).

3. Excavate the area where you want your new fire pit to go so that it’s level with the surrounding ground (or as level as possible) — this will help make sure your finished product looks neat and professional-looking instead

How to Make a Concrete Fire Pit

Step 1: Place the first layer of concrete.

If you are using a pre-made concrete form, place it on top of the patio surface and anchor it in place with stakes. If you are using a wooden form, make sure it is level before adding any concrete.

Step 2: Add the second layer of concrete.

Your second layer will be about an inch thick and should have a depth that is slightly deeper than your fire pit’s diameter (for example, if your fire pit has a diameter of 30 inches, then your second layer should be about 31 inches deep). You can use this time to smooth out any imperfections from the first layer by hand or with a trowel. Once everything is smooth, wait for it to set up until it becomes rock hard (about 30 minutes).

Step 3: Pour in water to create the bowl shape.

While pouring in water may seem like an unorthodox method, it actually works very well when creating an outdoor fire pit because the water quickly sets up into a rigid shell that prevents further cracking or crumbling as you continue building up layers of concrete around it. In fact, many people use this method as their primary means

The concrete fire pit bowl is a great addition to any patio. This project will take a weekend to complete if you have all of your materials and tools ready to go. The only thing that you will need to purchase is the concrete mix. We purchased ours from Home Depot, but you can also get it at Lowes or other local hardware stores.

If you don’t have time to build this fire pit yourself, we recommend checking out our friends at Fire Pit Guys who can build one for you in no time!


Concrete Mix (we used 4 bags)

Drywall Screws (to attach the mesh to your form)

Wire Mesh (for the bottom of your concrete fire pit)

The first step is to make sure that the concrete is properly prepared. You will need to make sure that it is level and smooth.

Once you have done this, lay out the fire pit in the desired location. It should be about 1 foot away from the house to ensure that there are no problems with heat damage.

Next, cut out a hole in the center of your patio or deck where you want your fire pit bowl to go. This hole should be large enough to accommodate all of your materials so that they have room to expand as they cure.

Once this is done, place a piece of plywood into the hole and attach it with screws so that it stays put while curing.

Now comes time for mixing concrete! For this project, you will need:

1 Bag of Portland Cement (75 pounds)

1 Bag of Sand (50 pounds)

1 Bag of Gravel (25 pounds)

How to Make a Concrete Fire Pit

1.Prepare the area for the fire pit by removing any weeds and grasses that are growing in the patio area. Also, remove any stones or other debris from the patio surface.

2.Use a sledge hammer to break up any large pieces of concrete on your patio or driveway. Then use a rotary hammer drill with a diamond bit to drill holes in the concrete where you want your fire pit to be built.

3.Mix together quick setting cement with water according to package instructions and pour into each hole until it starts to set up (usually within 20 minutes). Quick set cement sets up faster than regular cement so you won’t have much time before it starts drying out and hardening. If you’re working with small batches of concrete mix then you should be able to pour one batch at a time without wasting too much time between batches if they’re not set yet when you finish mixing them up.

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