How to build a fence with pallets

With 15 years experience in the fence building business, we can supply and install all varieties of sturdy, high-quality fences. As much as we love our traditional styles, a good quality fence built from pallets is a great choice for those looking for an eco-friendly alternative to wood. Pallets are inexpensive and very easy to find, so if you’re looking for a quick fix then you should try this method.

If you are looking for do it yourself projects, then pallet projects are the best. It is a cheap option for home improvement and can easily provide you a way to decorate your home in an impressive manner without spending much money. In this article, I have mentioned some of the easiest pallet projects which actually make your home more beautiful, secure and safe.How to build a fence with pallets

How to build a fence with pallets

Pallets are an amazing resource for DIY projects, especially when it comes to building a fence. You can use pallets to build a privacy fence, garden fence or even a dog run. The great thing about using pallets is that they are free and you can find them anywhere.

In this tutorial we will show you how to build a simple privacy fence with just two different sized pallets and some nails or screws. You can use this tutorial as a guide to make your own custom design of your own fence. So let’s get started!

Materials needed:

Two different sized wooden pallets (we used one small and one large)

Screwdriver or drill with screwdriver attachment (optional)

How to build a fence with pallets

Fence building is one of the oldest, most basic skills. It’s also a skill that is easy to learn and can be applied to any fencing project.

Why use pallets?

Pallets are going green! They are made from recycled wood, so they are not only eco-friendly but cost effective as well. In fact, you could save thousands of dollars by using pallets for your next project. They’re also readily available and easy to find at your local home improvement store or lumberyard.

How to build a privacy fence with pallets:

1) Start by measuring your space and marking where you want the posts to go. Measure twice and cut once! Remove the nails from each post by driving a pry bar underneath it and gently prying it up until all nails have been removed completely. Once all nails have been removed, set each post down on top of one of the pallets and line up the first pair of holes in each post with two slats on either side of the pallet (see diagram below). Use a drill/driver to secure each pair of holes together with 8 inch long wood screws (2 per side). Be sure to pre-drill

Easy Pallet Fence Ideas For Outdoor Spaces

If you want to know how to build a fence, pallets are the best material for this purpose. You can use them as posts and then attach the boards or planks of wood on top of them. This will help you in creating boundaries for your garden or lawn.

There are many ways to make fences from pallets. Some people use them as posts and others use them as complete fences. If you want to make a pallet fence, here are some tips that will help you:

Measure the area where you want to place your pallet fence and mark it with stakes and string line. Place your first pallet at one end of the marked area, with its long side facing up and down towards the ground.

Tie two more pallets together using rope or twine at one end of each so that they form an angle with each other. Tie one of these angles onto the first pallet with rope or twine so that it forms an “L” shape when viewed from above (see picture). Repeat this process for each additional pair of tied together pallets until all four corners have been attached in this manner – if needed add more pairs of tied together

A fence can help define your property and keep children, pets, and unwanted visitors out. Building a fence with pallets is a fun and easy way to create an attractive and sturdy barrier.

Step 1

Measure the length of the fence you need. For example, if you want a 5-foot tall fence, measure the distance from one end of the area where you plan to put the fence to the other end. Then add 12 inches to each side for overlap. The total length will be the width of your pallet pieces plus about 2 feet for overlap at each end.

Step 2

Cut 4-foot long pieces from the 2-by-4s using a circular saw with a guide clamped on it so that they are perfectly straight and level. These will become vertical posts for your fence. Cut as many as you need (the number depends on how wide you make your pallet pieces), but keep in mind that two posts will be needed per pallet piece used in your fence (one at each end). For example, if you use two pallets per 4-foot section of fencing, then four posts will be needed per section (two on each side).

There are many reasons why you want to build a fence. For example, you may need one to keep that dog of yours in the yard, or maybe you’re just looking for some privacy. If you’re going to build a fence yourself, here’s how to do it using pallets.


1. Mark off where your fence will go and cut wooden stakes at least 12 inches long with a miter saw. If you don’t have one of these handy tools, use a handsaw instead.

2. Set one stake in each corner of the area where you want your pallet fence to go and use a mallet or hammer to pound them into the ground until they’re flush with the surface.

3. Cut several 2-by-4s about 5 feet long with your miter saw (or by squaring up two 2-by-4s) and place them on top of each other in pairs so that they form an approximate rectangle with sides that are about 3 feet long each. These will be your horizontal pieces for your pallet fence’s frame structure — make sure they’re level!

4. Attach one end of each pair of 2x

How to build a garden fence with pallets

Pallet fences are great for a number of reasons. They are cheap, durable and very easy to build. In this tutorial we will show you how to build a privacy fence using pallets in your garden.


8x Wooden Pallets

3x L-shaped metal brackets (4″x4″)

Wooden or plastic caps for the top and bottom of each pallet

Build Your Own Privacy Fence with Pallets

DIY Fence Ideas: How To Build A Privacy Fence With Pallets

Have you ever wondered how to build a garden fence with pallets? Well, I have. I wanted the privacy of a fence but didn’t want to spend the money on one. So, I decided to make my own with pallets. This is what I did:

I used 4×4 posts that were already in my yard and just added them to the end of the pallet. If you don’t have any available, you can get some from Home Depot or Lowes (I got mine from Lowes). Make sure they are treated so they don’t rot in the ground.

I wanted to keep them simple so they wouldn’t look like something that was thrown together last minute. So instead of using nails or screws which would show through the wood and look bad, I used lag bolts which go through both sides of the wood without showing on the outside. You can get them at any hardware store (such as Lowe’s or Home Depot). My husband had some laying around because he works with wood all day long at his job, so we didn’t have to buy any more than what we needed for this project12 Impressive Pallet Fence Ideas Anyone Can Build - Off Grid World

You can build your own wooden fence using pallets. This will be a great addition for your yard or garden. If you are thinking about building a wooden fence, here are some of the amazing ideas that you can follow to build a garden fence with pallets.

1) Build a privacy fence with pallets

You can build your own privacy fence with pallets. Just follow the instructions given below and create your own privacy barrier in no time.

Materials required:

Wooden pallets,

Metal sheeting,

Wire cutters,



Drill machine

How to Build a Privacy Fence

Step 1: Measure and cut the pallets.

Measure the length and height of your garden. You will need to cut one pallet in half, so you will have two pieces that are each 2 feet wide by 3 feet tall. You’ll also need to cut two more 2-by-3s into 1 foot lengths. These are used as spacers between the pallets and other pieces of wood.

Step 2: Attach the bottom row of pallets together with nails or screws.

The bottom row of pallets should be attached together with nails or screws to create one solid piece. Use 4 inch galvanized deck screws for this step, as they will hold better than nails or wood screws because they have more holding power for their size. Space each pallet about 12 inches apart from each other using your spacers at the bottom and top of the first row (nailing or screwing through both sides of the first two pieces). This will create a fence that is 4 feet high at its tallest point (2 feet tall + 2 feet tall). Repeat this process until all six pallets have been attached together with spacers on either side of every second piece of wood.

Step 3

Pallets are a great source of wood for building projects. They’re usually free, you can find them almost anywhere, and they can be used to make all sorts of things.

One common use for pallets is to build garden fences. The fence will help to keep your garden safe from intruders while also adding some privacy so that you can enjoy the fruits of your labor from the comfort of your home.

This article will show you how to build a garden fence with pallets in just a few simple steps.

Before you begin building your fence, it’s important that you measure the area where you want it to go so that you know how many boards are needed and what size they should be cut at. You can measure the length by walking around the perimeter and measuring out each side of the area. Then measure out again using a tape measure or yardstick and mark off where each post will go on one end of the area with chalk or string so that there is no confusion when cutting the boards later on during construction. It’s also a good idea to mark off where any openings will be made in the fence so that there are no surprises later on when installing doors or gates (which will be

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