Golightly Cashmere

Golightly Cashmere is a cashmere clothing brand that began in the early 2000s. It was founded by two brothers, Jim and John Golightly, to promote the high-quality cashmere garments coming from the Golightly sheep farm in Turkey’s Black Sea region. The brothers wanted to raise awareness of cashmere and create a new luxury brand not just for their own farm but for the entire cashmere industry.”

A soft and cuddly cashmere hat is essential for keeping you warm during the cold winter months, golightly cashmere poncho, chocolate and cashmere. This is one of our favorite hats and also looks great on both men and women.

Golightly Cashmere

Golightly Cashmere

Golightly cashmere is one of the finest cashmere manufacturers in China. It is deeply absorbed by French and Italian designers, many big brands such as Hugo Boss, Zegna and Gucci are selected as their suppliers.

GOLIGHTLY cashmere is the foundation for the entire collection. It’s woven from soft, luxurious fibers sourced from a family-owned mill in Italy and hand-dyed in all of our signature colorways to bring out their natural beauty. With an unprecedented attention to detail, we design our garments to be as timeless and elegant as they are versatile.

The most luxurious cashmere, sourced directly from Golightly and woven on pristine looms. Their key lifestyle pieces have a timeless, sophisticated look that will make you feel like the most stylish person in town.

Everyone knows cashmere is the softest wool, so it makes sense that the best way to wear it is as an accessory. With a soft, slouchy drop sleeve and contemporary collar, this piece makes a sweet transition from fall to winter.

Golightly Cashmere creates superfine cashmere and the most luxuriously soft garments while adhering to its core values of sustainable luxury, timeless design, and expert craftsmanship. Realizing a vision of perfection and refinement, the Golightly family has initiated a new era in cashmere.

Golightly Cashmere is a company that produces cashmere products of exceptional quality. We combine old-world values with modern design to create luxury cashmere products that you will love.

Founded by two British ex-army friends, golightly cashmere is known for high quality and laid back design. The brand offers a range of basics made in England and Italy, as well as some garments that are completely unique to the brand.

For over six decades, Golightly Cashmere has been a favorite of many. Our cashmere sweaters are made with the highest quality materials and hand-finished by skilled craftsmen to ensure every sweater looks just right on trend.

You’ll be amazed by the evolution of Golightly’s cashmere. Its soft, featherlight hand and full body mean this could be the most luxurious and forgiving fabric in your closet – just like it was for our grandmothers.

Quality Golightly Cashmere

Golightly cashmere is a fine wool woven with an exceptionally soft, luxurious touch. This luxury knitwear fabric is available in a wide range of colors and just needs to be touched to experience its softness. The elegant simplicity of this fabric gives the appearance of fine silk without the cost. Any garment made with Golightly cashmere is sure to be an elegant investment that you will enjoy wearing over time.

Golightly Cashmere is an ethical and sustainable brand that offers high quality cashmere products at affordable prices. Their mission is to use their expertise in the industry to ensure that their yarns are responsibly sourced and ethically produced, ensuring no child or animal exploitation is involved in their production process.

If you love soft cashmere, the Golightly is the perfect go-to coat. Its timeless cut and clean lines give the Golightly a feminine aesthetic that beautifully complements both modern and classic style. The Golightly is a great piece for everyday wear or dressy occasions, with an elegant style to elevate your look at any occasion.

A cashmere sweater can be your favorite closet staple no matter the occasion. This lightweight piece from Golightly is a great addition to your wardrobe. Pair it with jeans or a skirt and take it from day to night.

Get ready for the winter months with our gorgeous cashmere tees. Made from fine yarns and expertly created, they are super soft. 

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Golightly Cashmere Poncho

Golightly has been producing cashmere clothing since 2013, when the brand was founded by designer Jennifer Golightly. Her designs are all about comfort and luxury, and she uses only the finest materials in her collections.

Golightly cashmere poncho

Chocolate and cashmere is one of the most sought after color combinations in the world of fashion. This beautiful Golightly cashmere poncho is a must-have for every woman who loves to wear comfortable and elegant clothes. It is made from 100% pure virgin Mongolian cashmere that guarantees you a soft feel on your skin and warmth during cold winter days. The hand-dyed yarn gives an interesting look to this garment that makes it unique from others. It has a relaxed fit that makes it easy to wear over any outfit you have in mind.

With so many factors contributing to the superior feel and style of our garments, we simply cannot list them all. Let us assure you, that you will get value for money with every garment you purchase. We use the finest cashmere yarns in the world to ensure a smooth and soft handle on our garments and fabrics. 

The Mariner – Golightly Cashmere

Golightly Meaning

The Golightly Cashmere Dress combines a timeless silhouette with modern design details, including elegant sequin embroidery and a hint of sheer tulle at the neckline. The dress’s unique color palette is the perfect way to add a pop of personality to any outfit!

In a world of luxury, golightly cashmere is at the top. Based in Italy, we source the finest cashmere and then weave it into our classic silhouettes.

The Golightly cashmere collection is inspired by the beautiful world of nature and based on what makes us feel wonderful: staying cozy and cozy. The GoLightly Cashmere line features a range of soft, luxurious and stylish cardigans that can be combined with everything from jeans to formal wear.

cashmere knitwear at golightly cashmere – a guide to the best cashmere knitwear, created by our expert knitters in north london.

From cashmere sweaters to accessories and more, our assortment of soft and warm products is sure to please.



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